10 Fun Photo Gifts

What if we told you that you probably already have the perfect gift for each person on your list, right on your camera roll? A custom framed photograph is uniquely personal, easy to wrap, and sure to delight the lucky recipient—and there’s still time to place your Print & Frame Orders with Simply Framed before Christmas!

Here are 10 ideas and tips to get you started, and keep those custom framed gifts feeling special and not at all last-minute.

1. Ideally, you want your photo to be high-res enough to be printed at a larger scale. But if it’s not, don’t worry—just make the image small, and add a mat to give the final product some heft.

simply framed custom framed polaroidSomething as tiny as a Polaroid picture can be made into a substantial gift with the right mat and frame.

2. Don’t rule out blurry images! While crisp and clean is classic, a blurred effect can add life, movement, and emotion for a heartfelt gift.

Denise Crew simply framedSee how stunning a blurred foreground can be? Photo by Denise Crew in our Natural Gallery Frame.

3. Short on time? Include a personalized note with your order, and have us ship the framed photo straight to your loved one for a quick and easy holiday gift that feels thoughtful and special.

custom framed photosUpload your photos, choose your frames, and we'll do the rest! Personal photographs custom framed in Metal New School Frames in Warm Silver.

4. A photo with a lot of negative space is especially great for custom framing, as the minimalist composition will draw the eye to what’s most important. Look for images that feature a subject against an uncluttered, mostly solid background. (Pro tip: iPhone’s Portrait Mode can work wonders.)

Max Wanger x simply framedFor examples of brilliant use of negative space in photography, look no further than Max Wanger. This piece is available custom framed in Max Plexibox in Neon Pink through Maisonette.

5. If you love the composition but not the colors of a photo, convert it to black and white for an atmospheric work of art. (Bonus: a black and white image matches nearly any type of custom frame!)

jaime street simply framedPhoto by Jamie Street custom framed in a White Gallery Frame.

6. Use a scanner to reprint a vintage photo, and give an heirloom new life. As long as you have the rights to the image, we’ll happily print and custom frame it.

custom framed photosVintage family photos, custom framed by us.

7. Consider printing a landscape. While photos of people make excellent gifts, a shot of a sentimental spot can be artful, unexpected, and equally meaningful.

kelly christine x simply framedA photo of a beautiful place will brighten any space. This one is by Kelly Christine, custom framed in a Light Walnut Gallery Frame.

8. When selecting the right frame to showcase a photograph, opt for something low-profile, like a classic Gallery Frame or one of our Metal Frames (or get the best of both worlds with our Metal Gallery Frames!)

simply framed photoWe love the way our minimalist Metal Old School Frame in Bright White makes this photo by RAD + IN LOVE pop.

9. If the image is high-res enough, go big with a large-scale custom framed print (but perhaps wait until after Christmas, as our holiday order deadline for oversized artwork has passed.)

simply framed oversized custom framed photoWhen custom framing a large-scale photo, we definitely recommend going full bleed (vs. adding a mat) for maximum effect. Wedding photo by Max Wanger for The Marbles custom framed in Natural Gallery by us.

10. Don’t forget the pets! If someone you love has a furry (or feathered, or scaled…) sidekick, we guarantee they’ll love a cute, custom framed photo of them.

custom framed puppiesThe sweetest series photographed by Leigh Webber and custom framed in our White Gallery Frames. Styling by Sam Sidney.

Ready to frame your photos? Get started at simplyframed.com.

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