In Frame: Callen Thompson

In Frame Callen Thompson

Who: Callen Thompson, artist and creator of a fashion textiles line made with eco-friendly inks on natural fabric called Beam.

What: All four pieces are archival giclée prints on archival cotton fine art paper by Callen. The three prints hanging on the wall are all custom framed with a mat. Two in our natural wood gallery frame and one in our white gallery frame. To get the look of the bottom print, try our light walnut gallery frame.

From Callen:

The three abstract pieces (Infinite Sun, Mystics and Mountains and Desert Feather) are patterns I made based on my landscape paintings. I like making patterns that feel like restrained psychedelia. I love the feeling of psychedelic patterning but I need the minimalism of the desert to be mixed into it. I like that these prints look like framed fabric but have the smoothness of paper.

The mountain painting to my right is "Still" - painted after a super satisfying summer trip through Colorado and New Mexico. Somewhere between a wonderful event at the High Mountain Institute and a blustery beautiful hike to Capulin Volcano the feeling of "Still" took up residence in my chest and didn't rest until I got home to Austin and painted it. (Materials: gouache, India ink, watercolor and pencil on watercolor paper).

I painted "Still" in the summer of 2013. These are all in stock at Mockingbird Domestics, an Austin design store. They're one of the stores I work with. All of my paintings are made from a meditative state and are designed to soothe the viewer. I'm calmed and awakened by being outside so these paintings are parcels of that feeling brought indoors.

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