Three Questions: Stephanie Vovas

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Pictured: Stephanie Vovas and her Gillian at the Door print

Teaming up with Stephanie Vovas at BRANDSHOP Atlanta was one for the record books, so we wanted to check in with her for some more info on how her career began and where she is headed.

SF: How did you get started?

SV: After high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, except that I wanted to travel. I went on a long cross country road trip in a pick up truck, and was camping in national parks and staying in little motels. I loved seeing the country and took photos along the way. I became more obsessed with photography and started looking at books and studying on my own. For a little while I ended up in Denver working as a waitress and that is when I realized I wanted to go to photo school. I applied to a photography school in Maine and started my journey back east. It was a 2 year program, which focused on the art side of photography rather than the commercial. It was life changing to go to this school. They really helped me develop and learn.

stephanie vovas

Diora, 2012

SF: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

SV: Hmm, it actually might be right now, my work has gotten into a flow of consistently selling, and that is my dream come true. I am so happy and honored people are responding to my work and collecting it!


Crystal Cove

SF: What's next? What are you looking forward to?

SV: I just got word I will be having a solo show in New Orleans at Martine Chaisson Gallery. It is a beautiful place, and I can’t wait. I will be making new work for it over the next 6 months or so. I am so excited I have to get up and do a little dance when I think about it. Having Simply Framed as a partner for my shows and for my clients is like having a great friend by my side supporting me, I don’t have to worry about the presentation because you guys take care of that perfectly!

Well, the feelings of gratitude are mutual. We definitely feel fortunate to have Stephanie as a partner and the opportunity to custom frame her stellar photography. Shop her collection of fine art photography prints here and also check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

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