Fathers, Sons, And Frames

A custom-framed family photo is the foolproof Father’s Day gift. We’ll leave it to you to hunt down that perfect pic. From there, we’ve got you covered. We're so excited to have partnered with Frameology, best-in-class online photo printing and framing specialists, just in time for the holiday. They're who you call when you're looking to frame a photo in a classic picture frame (the old-school, beautiful kind that you place on tables and bookcases throughout your home). Not only did we combine forces to debut an exciting new frame style, the Wythe, but our founder Dara — who actually discovered Frameology when she was looking to print and frame a photo for her mother-in-law — curated her own dream assortment of Frameology frames for your browsing pleasure.

Here's the biggest reason to give Frameology some love this Father’s Day: The company itself is a father and son run business! Daniel Koren opened his NYC frame shop, Framed on Madison, all the way back in 1986. His son Ben had the idea to take his dad's industry savvy into the age of the internet in building Frameology. If there’s one concept that forms the foundation of both businesses, it’s the belief that your memories are your most important possessions, and should be displayed as such. Ben recently filled us in on all the awesome upsides of following in his father's footsteps.

How did you and your dad each play a role in Frameology's success?

Benjamin Koren: My dad, through his 30 years of experience running Framed on Madison, was able to curate an amazing selection of frames, and his relationships have been invaluable on the product side. Most of our frames are handmade by artisans from a number of different places around the world. Many have been practicing their trade for generations. So, knowledge and relationships matter in building what we have built. My dad brought all of that to the table and continues to be instrumental on the strategy side. Frameology itself was my idea, and I run the day-to-day operations.

What do you love most about working with your dad?

BK: We’ve actually found out that we are an awesome team. We work very well together. And it’s been an amazing experience to get to know my father better. I wouldn’t trade that part for anything.

What do you and your father have in common? What are your differences?

BK: We have a ton in common because, as a kid, your father is the person you most admire and you try to emulate him at every step. And my dad was a great dad. As for differences: Well, he’s definitely wiser. I’d say I’m more of a numbers guy than he is.

What do you admire most about your dad?

BK: My dad is a rock. No matter what happens, he can handle the situation. I hope to be like that.

Any special Father’s Day traditions?

BK: He loves carbs: pasta, pizza, you name it. My mom makes dinner for all of us every year, and it’s pretty much always pasta, because he gets to choose!

What's your favorite photo of you and your dad, and why is it so special?

BK: My dad bought a piece of land on Martha’s Vineyard back in the '70s when he was a teacher in NYC. My parents didn’t build on it until 1990, but when they did it became a really special place for the whole family. This is a picture of my siblings and me with my dad.

Don't miss our special edition Wythe frame — created with Frameology and inspired by our best-selling Gallery frame — plus Dara’s own curated assortment of her favorite frames from the Frameology collection.

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