Succulents for Your Walls

Sure, they’re billed as the most easy-to-care-for plant you can purchase for your artfully arranged side table. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve still managed to kill a succulent or two in your time.

Maybe you’re a chronic over-waterer - the proverbial Lennie Small of houseplant care - or perhaps your green things suffer from plain old malnourishment. Whatever your weakness, we think you’ll dig (pun intended) these prints by some of our talented clients and other artists who we admire. They’ll last forever, look great on your walls, and are a smart way to jump on the cactus craze without risking disappointment.

1. Idlewild Co.

Idlewild Co. succulent art via Simply Framed

2. The Little Canoe

Little Canoe succulent art via Simply Framed

3. Banquet Workshop

Banquet Workshop succulent, cactus art via Simply Framed

4. Small Adventure

Small Adventure succulent print via Simply Framed

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