Our Guide to Nautical Art

Stay in a summer state-of-mind with one of these water-inspired works from seven of our favorite up-and-coming artists and designers.

Nautical Art Gift Guide by Simply Framed, featuring Samantha French, Roo Kee Roo, Jow Studio, Instant Gallery, Honey & Bloom, Daylight Dreams Editions, and Happy Menocal.

1. Samantha French's Endless Summer print. $75 for an 11x14.

2. Life Jacket from Roo Kee Roo's Workbench Collection. $145 for a 13x19, including Simply Framed's white gallery frame.

3. Daylight Dreams Editions Colorfield Buoys #1. Starting at $300 for a 24x32.

4. Crashing Waves from the lens of photographer Nicole Franzen via Instant Gallery. Starting at $87 for an 11x11.

5. Jow Studio's Knot 4 Sale print, illustrated on vintage legal stationary. Starting at $85.

6. Regatta print by Happy Menocal. $210 for an 8x10, including Simply Framed's antique silver certificate frame.

7. Honey & Bloom's Making Waves, Oceanside print. $190 for an 12x18, including Simply Framed's natural wood gallery frame.

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