Lions & Tigers & Bears: Animal Art We Love

We've gathered our favorite animal art—some that will warm the heart, others that will start the conversation—from a few artists we admire, established and emerging.

Simply Framed's Guide to Animal Art, including work by Idlewild Co., Kii Arens, Teil Duncan, Bowerbird Collective, Alex Proba, Carly Martin, and The Citizenry.

1. Idlewild Co.'s Woodland Friends print. $28 for an 11x14.

2. Limited Edition Pussy Riot lithograph by Kii Arens. $40 for an 18x24.

3. Teil Duncan's Pink Bull print. $50 for an 11x14.

4. The Black Kitty print by Kate Roebuck of Bowerbird Collective. $121 for an 8x10, including Simply Framed's antique gold frame.

5. Alex Proba's limited edition Day 486 print from her Poster-A-Day series. $155 for a 17x24.

6. The Camel print by Carly Martin. $116 for an 8x10, including Simply Framed's black gallery frame.

7. The Citizenry's Le Tigre Aerosol Stencil. $55 for a 16x20.

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