Simply Framed x Gray Malin at Colette

We are always thrilled to frame for Gray Malin, but when he sent us some of his new, yet-to-be-released work from his Up and Away collection a month or so ago and told us they'd be shipping to Colette, we stopped breathing for a a good way (we started breathing again just a few seconds later and did a little dance).

Simply Framed x Gray Malin at Colette

Colette, one of the most beloved boutiques in Paris, hosted Gray on March 25th to celebrate the launch of his collaboration with Sperry, boat-shoes-covered-in-aerial-beach-photography galore. If you haven't laid your eyes on the shoes yet, let us be the first to tell you that they are awesome and you should order yours soon before they sell out.

Gray Malin x Sperry at Colette

In addition to celebrating the new Sperry collab, Colette invited Gray to showcase those new photos from his Up and Away series that I mentioned earlier. We think they look pretty fabulous collected together in our white gallery frame.

Gray Malin debuts new collection at Colette, framed by Simply Framed

Sperry + Paris + Colette...March was a big (also busy) month for Gray . Please join us in congratulating him on two fabulous partnerships.

To purchase shoes from Gray Malin x Sperry, click here. To view brand new additions to Gray's Up and Away series, click here.

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