In Frame: Happy Menocal

Who: Happy Menocal, a New York-based watercolorist who sells limited edition prints and originals, and has worked with Vogue, Aerin, Stubbs & Wooten, and Anthropologie.

What: Her daughter Daisy's first piece of clothing, a white, wool suit that she wore non-stop in her first few weeks of life. It was hand-sewn to a linen mat and framed by Simply Framed.

From Happy: I love how it looks simultaneously old-fashioned and futuristic, like the uniform of a reasonable cult! When she outgrew it (expedited by my accidentally putting it in the dryer), I couldn't bear to give it away, so I decided to frame it. It's hanging in the hallway between our bedroom, my studio, and Daisy's nursery under a big skylight. It's just so funny and sweet and poignant. It's like a Rauschenberg!

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