3 Questions: Max Wanger on The Six Square Grid

The Six Square Grid was designed in collaboration with one of our favorite photographers, Max Wanger. Max lives in LA with his wife and business partner, Margaux, and their kids, Dash & Quincy, a.k.a Rocket.

We had a chance to chat with Max about his art, the family trip that inspired his gallery wall, and the importance of a family photo wall in his own home.

The Six Square Grid featuring the photography series A DOLLOP OF CREAM ON A SUNDAY SKY by Max Wanger Print Shop.

Simply Framed: What makes you excited about The Six Square Grid?

Max Wanger: Any time you can piece together photos from a series, it makes an impact. Putting all the clouds together creates the illusion of one giant, multi-colored sky. It's a beautiful way to fill a wall and hopefully bring some calm into a home. That excites us.

A process sketch for The Six Square Grid by Max Wanger.

SF: Can you tell us the story behind the photography series A DOLLOP OF CREAM ON A SUNDAY SKY?

MW: Our Cloud series was taken on a family trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico -- where we spent an inordinate amount of time driving on the open roads, staring, slack-jawed, at the wide open sky.

The Six Square Grid featuring Max's family photos.

Max, Margaux, and their kids, Dash & Quincy (a.k.a Rocket) in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

SF: What makes a wall of personal photos so awesome to have in your home?

MW: It took us years to finally create our own family gallery wall, but once we did, it immediately cozied up our home. It's a wonderful reminder that we're surrounded by the people we love.

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A note from Max to you.

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