Fresh Takes on the Traditional Pet Portrait

Whether you're into cats or dogs or birds or goldfish, chances are your pet holds a special place in your heart. Why not find a place for them on your walls, too? Below, we've rounded up five pet portraitists for you to choose from when that empty spot on your wall beckons, each with his or her own distinctive, unconventional style.

unique pet portraits via Simply Framed

1. Nashville-based Amanda Norman's custom pet portraits are well-known for their unexpected use of color and pattern. Starting at $325.

2. A cyclamen watercolor dachsund by Inslee Fariss, shown in our white gallery frame. Custom pet portrait quotes available on request.

3. Artist Carter Kustera's custom pet silhouettes include a phrase (of your choosing) about your little one beneath each cut-out. This one reads "Liberace - refuses to poop in the rain." Starting at $110.

4. Danielle Kroll's quirky, 8x10 pet portraits start at $70.00. Shown here: Hailey the dog in our natural wood gallery frame.

5. Artist Happy Menocal's work has been featured in Vogue and by brands Aerin and Stubbs & Wooten. She uses watercolor, colored pencil, and ink to make your furry friend come to life. Custom portraits starting at $800.00.

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