Simply Framed at Everlane's Open House

Partnering with companies whose philosophy you believe in is a no-brainer, especially when they're in the business of making great clothes.

Enter Everlane, a simple, affordable clothing line whose aim is to create radical transparency in the clothing manufacturing industry. For their Open House that launched June 13th in Soho, the brand featured its own clothing and accessories alongside products from Kaufmann Mercantile, Good Eggs, and Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, each with a hang tang that explained where the products were manufactured and how much they cost to make. Knowledge is power (as they say), and chances are once you see what's on these tags, you won't feel comfortable paying $75 for a cotton t-shirt ever again.

We partnered with them (for a second time) to print and frame two big-ass-over-the-sofa photographs of their factories, an effort to drive home where their clothes are being made and to show their customers the faces of some of the employees that they rely on day-in and day-out. See below for a quick tour of their pop-up space along with a shot of Simply Framed's handiwork (framed in our Gallery Wide style in white).

Everlane's Soho Open House via Simply Framed

A custom coat rack at Everlane's Open House via Simply Framed

Oversized, over the sofa photograph framed by Simply Framed at the Everlane Soho Open House

Simple cotton t-shirts that won't break the bank at Everlane's Soho Open House via Simply Framed

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