Source List: Oversized Photography

If there's one trend in interior design that we can't get enough of, it's the oversized photography that designers and collectors are hanging over sofas and above headboards in homes across the country. If organizing and hanging a gallery wall is not for you, this is a one (maybe two) nail project that can give your room a serious dose of style.

Check out our previous blog for inspiration and consider investing in one of the large-scale works of some of our favorite photographers, below.

Oversized Photography Source List via Simply Framed, featuring Gray Malin, 20x200, Subject Matter Art, Ashley Woodson Bailey, Bacekamp, Max Wanger, Daylight Dreams Editions and Drew Doggett

1. Gray Malin's Manly Beach Sunbathers print. Starting at $2,499 for a 36"x 54"

2. Unkar Promenade by Bacekamp. Starting at $575 for a 40" x 57"

3. Creamy by Ashley Woodson Bailey. Starting at $1,075 for a 40"x 60"

4. Caroline Fraser's Snæfellsness, available via Subject Matter. Starting at $2,100 for a 48" x 48"

5. New York by Max Wanger. Starting at $350 for a 30" x 45"

6. Drew Doggett's In Pursuit of Northern Light, from his latest Sail: Majesty at Sea collection. Starting at $3,000 for a 38" x 57"

7. David Parise's From Here to Miami (Eternity). Starting at $300 for a 44" x 66"

8. Miami 24 (6am) by Daylight Dreams Editions. Starting at $450 for a 40" x 60"

9. Landon Nordeman's Four Kings via 20x200. Starting at $2,400 for a 30" x 40"

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