In Frame: Linda Colletta

Who: Linda Colletta, a Westport, Connecticut-based abstract expressionist painter. You may recognize her name from her work's frequent appearances on sites like Uprise Art, One Kings Lane and Chairish. Shop her prints and framed original works on paper here.

What: A graphite drawing that Linda's mom, Ellen Brenner, drew in 1966 of of the Rolling Stone's Brian Jones. Frame is Linda's own and not available at Simply Framed.

From Linda: I love my mom's artwork. She was a quintessential East Village, Beatnik artist and is my art-idol to this day.

We went through all of her old artwork a few years ago from when she was at Pratt, and I took a few pieces that remind me of her. This is one of her more abstract pieces. She specialized in photographic realism, a talent that still amazes me. It hangs in my living room with many other pieces of art by people I love and admire.

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