Source List: Neon Abstract Art

It's undeniable: neon abstract art is a raging trend right now, and for good reason. The playful colors and shapes are versatile, working just as well in a child's bedroom as they do as a quirky contrast in a formal living space. We've gathered some our favorites below.

Neon Abstract Art: Simply Framed's Source List featuring Kirra Jamison, Erin Garcia, Jaime Derringer, Britt Bass, Hapi Art, Jessica Snow, Mark Mawson, and Yago Artel

1. Erin Garcia's 5 Elements in 5 Colors (Blue), 24x18 via Uprise Art. $950 including custom framing.

2. Serpent by Australian artist Kirra Jamison. Inquire via her website for commissions and availability.

3. Jaime Derringer's original Composition #2. $150 for a 12x16.

4. One of German-based artist Yago Hortal's neon works. Inquire via his website for commissions and availability.

5. Citron Pattern Study II, 20x20 by Atlanta artist Britt Bass—$180

6. Mark Mawson's Aqueous Electreau 1, 20x20 from his Aqueous series—$1,750. Available via Subject Matter Art.

7. Curvilinear Time by Jessica Snow via 20x200. Starting at $60 for an 11x14.

8. Kristi Kohut's Colorful World. Starting at $85 for a 6x12.

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