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Since we started Simply Framed in 2014, our mission has been to help our customers preserve and display the art they love by making custom framing affordable and easy to order online. To-date, we’ve framed over 5,000 photographs, prints, posters, original works—even textiles—and in the process, we’re constantly discovering new ways to make Simply Framed the best custom framing service for collectors, interior designers, and artists across the U.S.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new, which includes an expanded collection of 24 timeless frame styles and some new steps to our ordering process that we know you’re going to love.

Easy Online Framing via

Simply Framed's easy online ordering process

New Frame Styles

For those of you who like the clean look of our tried-and-true Gallery Frame, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve incorporated five new styles to this collection including light walnut, dark walnut, stainless silver, luxe gold and luxe silver. We’re also excited to introduce a newer, thinner Canvas Float Frame collection and a new luxe silver finish in addition to our brand new Antique & Heritage collections in vintage gold and silver. Click here to view our entire assortment of frame styles and use the magnifying glass to see an alternate full-frame view of each style.

Simply Framed's 24 frame styles

Choose Your Frame First

From our Browse Frames page, you can also begin building your custom frame by choosing your frame style first. Click the green "Select This Style" button to start building your frame with your style of choice. As you go through the Build a Frame process, you will get to skip the Choose Frame Style step as your frame will be automatically selected.

Expanded Art Types

The first step in our online order process, Build a Frame, now allows you to choose between a wider variety of different art types which helps us direct you to the best possible frame and mat style for your art. Our expanded list of art types includes: art prints, personal photos, photography prints, posters, original works on paper, canvases (un-stretched), certificates, diplomas, ketubahs, scarves, and textiles.

Custom Frame Recommendations

We’ve incorporated our top two frame recommendations depending on your art type and its size in an effort to make the ordering process easier for those looking for some guidance. Don’t like our recommendations? No problem. If you scroll down, you’ll see all of the frame styles available for your particular piece under the section MORE FRAMES.

Easy custom framing online via Simply Framed

Mat Styles

The style of mat you choose has the ability to make or break your piece, which is why we’re excited to have expanded our selection to include the following: no mat (full bleed), no mat with a spacer, single mat, single mat with a reveal, double mat with a black or additional white mat, float on a foam core lift with a spacer.

A few of Simply Framed's Mat Styles

We’ve also introduced a new step to our ordering process that allows you to visualize the effect each mat style will have on the artwork.

Like we’ve done with frame styles, we'll recommend two mat styles based on your art type and its size and show the full range of mat options beneath our recommendations under MORE MAT STYLES. As in the past, once we receive your art, we'll choose a mat in a complementary size and shade of white to enhance your art.Easy online framing via Simply Framed

For more information (and pro tips) about our different mat styles check out our Mat Style Guide.

Your Choice of Hanging Hardware

For those who prefer their framed artwork with hanging wire, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve incorporated this as a third option to our hanging hardware selection along with our recommended sawtooth and D-rings. We’ve also given you the option to select which hanging hardware you’d prefer. Keep in mind that D-rings are still the only option for any frame 30x40 and larger since they are needed to support a frame that big.

Easy online custom framing via Simply Framed

My Order Button

Our new “My Order” button in dark grey at the right of your screen allows you to review your order at any point in the frame building process. Just click the tab to see a gray box that includes the specifics of your frame order.

Easy online custom framing via Simply Framed

Easy online custom framing via Simply Framed

Shop our Instagram

Like what you see on our Instagram feed? Now you can click on the image you like and you'll be directed to shop the specific frame style on When possible, we'll also be sharing direct links to some of the great artwork that we have the privilege of framing!

Shop for online custom framing via Simply Framed's Instagram account

Shop for custom framing via Simply Framed's Instagram account

Big Thanks!

We'd like to give special thanks to our extended team for their hard work, advice, and feedback as we worked to build our new website. We couldn't have done it without you guys!

Team: Daisy Briceño, Ryan O’Neil, Cassie Pyle, Ryan Foster Design, Rob Curry, Mark Stewart, Malcolm Campbell, MK Quinlan, Brandon Perlman, Scott Suiter, Zachary Segal, Ayo Oluwale, and Bradford Shellhammer.

Last, but most definitely not least, thank you to the following artists whose incredible work you'll see sprinkled throughout the new

Artists: Gray Malin, Jane Mount, Karina Bania, Laura Bell for 20x200, Daylight Dreams Editions, Catherine Jones, Jane Wilder of Wilder California, Sean Mort, Kii Arens, Chelsea Petaja, and Tec Petaja.

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