Joanne Pio x Simply Framed

Los Angeles-based photographer Joanne Pio can turn the simplest of street scenes and tablescapes into works of absolute beauty. Same goes for vignettes (below) of her new art collection from The Poster Club, framed by Simply Framed.

The Poster Club is a Denmark-based online source for Scandinavian-inspired posters and prints by some of the most talented artists, illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers across the world. Definitely worth checking out if you've got walls to fill.

Simply Framed and The Poster Club via Joanne Pio

Since, by nature, Scandinavian design is simple and paired-down, Joanne chose two of our simplest frame styles to compliment each piece. She chose our white gallery frame with no mat for an 8x10 typewriter text piece, and, for "A Day in May" by One Must Dash, our black gallery frame with a 2" white, 4-ply mat to increase its size and add depth and dimension. Above the bed, her oversized Welcome to the City of Champions poster was framed with no mat in our gallery black style.

Have something you'd like to frame, but aren't sure when and when not to use a mat? Check out our recommendations on Framing 101.

Welcome to the City of Champions Poster via The Poster Club

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