This Thanksgiving We Thank Art

Dear Art Thanksgiving Simply Framed

Dear Art,

As we begin the season of giving thanks, we want to let you know how grateful we are for you. We started this company with a mission to not only make custom framing easier, but more importantly, to be a framer that understands you. We've always said "it's not about the frame, it's about what you're framing," and we're thankful for all of the beautiful work that arrives daily at our shop.

Art, you are the inspiration and passion of so many people. Thank you for being the outlet for creative energy and for filling our homes with your beauty and expression. You exist in many forms... as paintings, prints, photographs, to name a few. You are the first drawing from a little boy, the masterpiece of an abstract painter, the needlepoint from a beloved grandmother. We appreciate every line, every brush stroke, every click.

So we want to thank you, Art, for being part of our lives. This holiday we will look around our homes and admire you while we feast with our families.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- The Simply Framed Team

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