Chelsea Petaja for Valentine's Day

We are absolutely in love with our pro partner Chelsea Petaja and figure with Valentine's Day fast approaching it's just the time to proclaim it. Her store, Oh My Deer on Etsy features her touching and inspiring hand-lettered paper goods, perfect for proclaiming your own affection for that special someone.

With a very simple "Hey Babe" shown in our natural wood gallery frame and available for $87

Chelsea Petaja Valentine's Day

or a more poetic "I love you much most beautiful darling more than anyone on the earth & I like you better than everything in the sky" featuring a quote by E.E. Cummings shown in our white gallery frame.

Chelsea Petaja Valentine's Day

Chelsea has you covered.

We checked in with Chelsea at the start of the new year to see what pieces currently spoke to her:

"I'm kinda loving the "let your light shine in the dark" right now." The watercolor paper print as shown below is available for $87 and pictured in our black gallery frame. "I've just felt burdened lately by how brutal and beautiful the world is, all at once." That kind of heartfelt philosophic insight is apparent in all of her work.

Chelsea Petaja Valentine's Day

We also learned more about how she got started:

"Oh My Deer was born out of a love for play-on-words and getting my hands dirty. I live in Music City, USA with the most handsome husband around in a little Victorian that was built when Teddy Roosevelt was president. I make drawings, paintings and hand lettering for your eyes and heart. And then that leaves everything in between that I pretend to know how to do."

And how she came to selling prints:

"Offering prints came about as a natural blend of my love of reading and lettering--it seemed to be a pretty good marriage."

Maybe it's just the Valentine's Day butterflies speaking but we definitely believe these are two loves that are built to last. Thanks for sharing the love, Chelsea!

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