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Simply Framed

In Frame: Thomas Hutchings

In Frame Thomas Hutchings

Who: Thomas Hutchings, creator of San Francisco based Studio January that creates unique graphic art. All pieces are designed by Thomas, the Creative Director. With over 10 years of experience in graphic design, branding and fine art, Thomas created the studio to concentrate on creating and exploring creativity. Studio January offers Thomas an exploration into mixing fine art with his passion for minimalist design.

What: A screen printed poster, White Noise 01 using black and silver ink, custom framed to the edge in our white gallery frame.

From Thomas:

This piece is a graphic representation on a study that I did into white noise patterns. I have had the piece for nine months, and it hangs in our living room cluster. It's amongst family photos and other artworks that I have made, such as the San Francisco print you can see in the background. The White Noise 01 print is special to me as it is not only one of my own pieces, but represents the more abstract direction I would like more work to go. It has been a great seller and people love its minimal qualities.

Interested in learning more about Thomas? Shop for his framed prints here and check him out on twitter, instagram or facebook.

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