In Frame: Jessica Chanen

In Frame Jessica Chanen

Who: Jessica Chanen, an editorial photographer specializing in fashion and lifestyle.

What: A 16x20 c-print photo of two vintage mercedes benz parked in the driveway of a mid-century house in Palm Springs, shown in our natural wood gallery frame.

From Jessica's sister, Amanda Chanen (photographed above):

My sister gave me this print as a gift for my 29th birthday. I had just moved into my current apartment and wanted art to put on the walls, so obviously I wanted one of her photos most. I've had the piece for over a year now. It doesn't actually hang on the wall, it leans on the dresser next to my bed.

This piece is special to me for so many reasons. My sister is my best friend, and I love having her work in my home (I wish I had more). I love the colors and mood of the photo, and most of all I love that it's of Palm Springs. The desert holds a very special place in my heart and our family's as well. We're from Minneapolis, but we spent every school holiday or vacation out there visiting our grandparents and great-grandparents trying to escape the freezing cold Minnesota winters. My mom, sister and I were actually all together taking a long walk around the neighborhood and admiring all the mid-century homes when my sister took this photo. It reminds me of that day with them, that magical city and all of the days we've spent in the hot, hot sun. Surrounded by those mountains and palm trees, literally living in the swimming pool, playing some game, singing some song or just laughing and smiling and being together.

If you happen to be in the LA area, Jessica will be showing at the UNICEF NextGen Art party in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, February 27, 2016. We participated last year, and are thrilled to be the on-site custom framer for the event again. Especially with such wonderful artists like Jessica involved!

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