Framed ocean scene in Gallery Black above a hotel bed at the 4 seasons hotel in the bahamas

A Guide to Hospitality Framing

Creating an unforgettable ambiance in your hospitality space is all about the details, and we’re here to help guide you with one of the most important facets – choosing the perfect frames and artwork. At Simply Framed, we understand how crucial it is to select pieces that not only blend seamlessly with your decor but also enhance the comfort and appeal of the environment. Whether you’re decking out a hotel or a boutique fitness studio, our frames are designed to make a statement and create a welcoming atmosphere for all your guests.

We know that areas with high foot traffic, like lobbies and corridors, need to maintain a professional yet engaging appearance. This is where the magic of art, frames, and materials come into play. Our custom framing is meant to bring out the best in your space. Simply Framed turns simple walls into eye-catching galleries through premium materials that stand the test of time and designs that resonate with your brand.

Framing for hotel rooms or model rooms?

When it comes to hotel rooms or model rooms, we know personal touches matter. These spaces are where guests find comfort with elements that delight and impress. A well-chosen statement piece of art can significantly enhance the room's decor and elevate your guests' experience. For these intimate spaces, we recommend selecting artwork that complements the room's theme and color palette, framed in our classic wooden gallery frames or modern metal frames. When choosing a statement piece, we recommend working directly with an artist to bring meaning and connection to the space.

As a company built for artists, Simply Framed has a network of over 1000+ artists, interior designers, and art curators well-versed in the hospitality space. Need a recommendation? We’d be happy to provide a list of contacts for your project. Send us an email today!

Kate Roebuck for Uprise Art. Staged at, photographed by @stefan_radtke.

Hospitality Framing 101

Selecting the right frames in hospitality is crucial for aligning interior details and the target atmosphere of the space. We understand you may be overwhelmed by the amount of framing options out there, which is why we’ve curated high-quality frame models that cater to both modern and traditional tastes.

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    Metal Frames

    For a modern look, opt for frames with a slim profile. Our metal frames, with a face of ¼ to ½”, are ideal for contemporary spaces. Explore our Metal Gallery, New School, and Old School collections for clean, modern lines, perfect for abstract art or minimalist photography. Available in silver, matte black, gold, and bright white finishes, these frames blend style with durability, crafted from 100% aluminum. Recommended for high-traffic areas like lobbies and conference rooms, with a max size of 24 x 30”.

  • Simply Framed Light Walnut Gallery Frame featuring artwork by Yan Palmer in a home interior

    Wooden Frames

    Looking to enhance the warmth of your space? Check out our wooden frame collections. With a range of finishes from dark walnut to natural, our wooden frames are timeless in their appeal. We recommend our wooden Gallery Classic, Gallery Mid, and Gallery Deep frames for guest rooms or dining areas to elevate traditional decor. Whether you're looking for hotel decor ideas and ways to upgrade wall art, or wondering how to decorate a guest room, our gallery frames provide the perfect solution for hotel interior design projects.

  • Simply Framed Certificate Frame Antique Gold featuring a vintage elephant textile

    Certificate Frames

    Elevatesuites or grand entryways with our certificate and antique frames. Perfect for showcasing original artwork, certifications, or classic painting reproductions, these frames come in gold, silver, and black options to complement any interior style. Whether you're seeking hotel room decor ideas, looking to showcase hotel wall art, or wondering how to decorate a hotel room, our certificate frames offer sophistication and professionalism, making them an ideal choice for hotel design projects.

In the Spotlight

At Simply Framed, our collaborations with artists like Dana McClure and Elizabeth Corkery of the Print Club showcase our dedication to framing and creating relationships that prioritize the art, business, and design needs of each partner. As long-standing partners of Simply Framed, Dana McClure and Elizabeth Corkery have entrusted us to provide printing, framing, consulting, packaging, and shipping services to ensure their local and hospitality projects are perfected from concept to delivery.

Dana McClure’s Dynamic Art Installations

Dana McClure has been a crucial part of the Simply Framed community, bringing her abstract artworks to life in boutique hotels and upscale spaces. With Dana’s work, we provide high-quality curated materials that resonate with the luxurious decor of each location, ensuring that every piece not only complements the environment but also enhances the overall client experience.

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Showcase at Ravenwood. Mural by Dana McClure. Image 1: Artwork from left to right featuring Dana McClure, Sienna Martz, Amy Guip for Coloro Studio, Doris Josovitz for Lost Quarry Catherine Carnevale in Eleven Six Knitwear, and Helen Dealtry. Image 2: Artwork by Dana McClure. Image 3: Artwork from left to right featuring Sienna Martz, Amy Guip for Coloro Studio, Doris Josovitz for Lost Quarry, Catherine Carnevale in Eleven Six Knitwear, and Helen Dealtry. Photographed by Dana McClure.

Elizabeth Corkery’s Four Seasons Costa Palmas Project

The Four Seasons Costa Palmas reached out to Elizabeth Corkery of the Print Club to outfit the natural, modern oasis with her curation of museum-quality editioned prints. The task involved determining how to display each hand-pulled print within the clean lines and modern ambiance of each room. Elizabeth’s solution? A combination of square-cap slim profile natural and white frames with a floated mount and shadowbox spacer. The matte white of our Gallery White frame and warm blonde tones of the Gallery Natural blended seamlessly into the resort’s interior while maintaining a modern touch with the simple yet polished pedestal floated artwork.

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Liz Corkery, Print Club Ltd. Courtesy of Four Seasons Costa Palmas.

How to Get Started with Your Framing Project

Whether it’s a resort, hotel, spa, or Airbnb, with each partnership, we are committed to delivering exceptional long-lasting framing solutions that elevate the ambiance of any interior setting.

Kicking off your hospitality framing project is easy – we promise. Here’s what you can expect:

Consultation: Reach out and share your vision with us! Our easy-to-use inquiry form gets things moving fast.

Design Selection: Explore our collections and pick the perfect frames. Don’t forget to check out our featured artists of the month for some artwork inspiration.

Customization and Confirmation: Tailor everything to your taste; from there, we’ll provide a competitive quote, a timeline for completion, and support at each stage of the ordering process.

Production, Shipping, and Installation: Your dedicated account manager will keep you updated every step of the way, from crafting your frames to delivering them to your business. Most large-scale projects are completed within 3-4 weeks.

Choosing Simply Framed means opting for unmatched quality and a commitment to enhancing your space with the right frames and art. Our team is dedicated to supporting your vision and delivering results that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We’re excited about the possibility of partnering with you to bring your hospitality space to life.

Ready to decorate your hotel? Fill out our inquiry form below, sign up for a consultation, browse our stunning collection of frames, or start designing your frames today on our website. We can’t wait to be part of your next project and help you create a space that’s as inviting as it is beautiful.

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