Just In: Canvas Float in Natural

There’s something so rich and elegant about an original painting on canvas, isn’t there? Whether it was created by an Impressionist master or your six-year-old niece, artwork on canvas has a tactile, precious quality that instantly adds a touch of opulence to the room it lives in.

Lexi Mainland Cup of Jo Simply Framed Homepolish
How amazing do these original paintings by Karina Bania look in our new Natural Wood Canvas Float frames? Seen here in Lexi Mainland’s revamped living room, via Cup of Jo.

And how gorgeous is the grain on that wood?

Because of its unique nature, canvas should be displayed differently than a photograph or print. Rather than cover its textured surface behind plexiglass, we recommend sending your unstretched canvas to us to be custom framed in our signature Canvas Float—available in White, Black and now Natural, our timeless maple wood finish.

Simply Framed founder Dara Segal has this lovely painting hanging in her home, custom framed in our White Canvas Float Frame. Photograph by The Veda House.

Just like Black and White, our new Natural Canvas Float frame features a narrow profile built to complement your canvas without detracting from its beauty. The art appears to “float” with ¼” space between the edge of the canvas and the inside of the frame, allowing the dimension and texture of the piece to shine while lending a clean, finished look to the edges of your painting.

This one’s got some depth to it: 2 inches, to be exact. Because it’s slightly deeper than our Canvas Frames in Black and White, Canvas Float in Natural requires a full 4” on each side of your piece to accommodate deeper stretcher bars.

While we adore our Canvas Float frame paired with an original painting, that’s far from its only use. Another great way to use it is to print a photograph or digital print on canvas, creating a larger-than-life image that can then be stretched and custom framed. We offer this service to our Pro clients and for special orders, and we couldn’t help but share a few beautiful examples in the hopes that they will spark your imagination and inspire you to incorporate Canvas Float into your own interiors.

Blogger Brynn Elliott Watkins’ bedroom features an original photograph of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, custom framed in our White Canvas Float Frame.

We love the way this print of Roses, an antique painting from Jenny’s Print Shop, looks stretched and floated in our Black Canvas Float Frame for Chloe MacKintosh of Boxwood Avenue. The result embodies the timeless style of a classic oil painting, but with a modern twist.

Got a piece on canvas that would look great in our new Natural Canvas Float? Send it to us unstretched, and we’ll do the rest. Get started here.

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