Case Study: Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin x Simply Framed

Service: Print & Frame, Mail-in
Collection: Core, Black Label

Shantell Martin came to us in 2021 looking for a partner to frame and drop ship her artwork, both digital and physical works. 

The Challenge:

On her website, Martin has different mediums at two different price points for sale. This meant that Martin needed a solution that would work for two different audiences, but not complicate things on the backend or require two different ordering processes. Artist-run studios simply do not have the time for complicated fulfillment.

Like many artists in the eCommerce space, Martin was also concerned about the recent worldwide increase in shipping damage due to COVID-19 and wanted to ensure that she was providing a quality product that not only matched its price point but could hold up during a bumpy transit journey. 

The Result: 

We divided Shantell’s artwork into two categories based on service and value. 

First, her originals were valued at over $500 and are drawn by hand on her preferred paper. We decided to have these works shipped to our Simply Framed Black Label factory, using our mail-in service. The production timeline is a bit longer, but the spline-jointed handmade frames are totally worth the wait. 

Using this collection allowed Martin to provide a higher quality custom frame, that not only matched its price point and that of artwork, but could hold up during the Fedex transit journey to her customers. With this collection specifically, Martin has experienced a 0% issue rate, to date.

Second, for her digital prints, she opted for our Print & Frame service and our Core Collection. This meant a faster production timeline and a more affordable price point, which matched the affordable cost of these prints and the desires of her collectors.

We then had Shantell Martin’s team install the Simply Framed Shopify App. Both frame collections (Core and Black Label) can be synched to the same store. This meant Martin only had to manage one ordering system and could build a cart that contain every product ordered from Simply Framed. It also meant that her data entry was reduced to zero. An order on her website can be seamlessly integrated into the Simply Framed shopping cart, saving her and her team time.

Trade Tools: 

  • Shopify App integration - Our custom drop-ship integration with Shopify allows you connect your store to ours by linking your product variants to print and frame profiles designed on It means you can spend more time in the studio and less time managing orders. Ready to install? Sign up here.

Photo credit: (above) Shantell Martin photographed by Michelle Mosqueda featuring "Nocturne" in our Gallery Black Frame(Below) Shantell Martin featuring "Are You You" in our Gallery White Frame

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