Color Pops with Anabeth

We love a designer who doesn’t hold back when it comes to color. Anabeth definitely qualifies. Her home is as fun and colorful as her Instagram.

“In 2021, I’m loving jewel tones for the home,” Anabeth recently told us. “They pair so well with neutrals that you might already have in your home. For example, my living room is emerald green paired with woven baskets and warm neutrals.”

To make 3 of her own colorful artworks stand out, Anabeth recently selected our White Gallery frames. It’s our most popular style for good reason - White Gallery pairs perfectly with any artwork, and particularly well with vibrant colors.

“The White Gallery frames are so perfect to really let your artwork pop. Just like the name, these frames make it feel like my artwork is framed straight out of an art gallery, and I love that!”

We took a tour of Anabeth’s home so that she could fill us in on the 3 eye-popping pieces she recently custom framed with us.

Anabeth Gallery White Frame

This piece in Anabeth’s kitchen features the CMYK color grid, which she references often in her work as a graphic designer. Art in our White Gallery frame.

“I love color and what it can do for a space. It’s the ultimate mood setter. If you use blues and greens, you usually feel calm and fresh. If you use yellow, you might feel more positive and awake. There are so many cool things about color psychology. I love having this piece in our space. It brings the full color spectrum into play, and I think the kitchen is a fun place to do that!”

Anabeth Gallery White Frame

Photograph by Anabeth, featuring art by Meg Lewis in our White Gallery frame.

“This blue art piece by Meg Lewis is a play on a Matisse classic. Meg is fun, quirky, and light-hearted. Her artwork is so playful. I love that she leaned into the blobby nature of the body, and of course the smiley face makes everything better, right?! This simple design paired with the White Gallery frame perfectly ties into the other design elements in the room, like the jungle-patterned bedspread!”

Gallery White Frame

Photograph by Anabeth, featuring art by Meg Lewis in our White Gallery frame.

“This piece is also by Meg Lewis, and boy is what it says true! With or without a pandemic, I think this is a good reminder each and every day. I actually used this print as an anchor for this bathroom when it came to the design style. I loved the way Meg played with abstract shapes, and the shower curtain, towels, etc. all fell into place once I got this piece framed. Everything in this bathroom is light, airy, bright, and fun.”

Considering playing with more color in your own home? Here’s Anabeth’s advice: “Ask yourself, what’s a favorite color of yours? Is it blue? Is it green? Maybe even orange? Find a shade that works for you and add it in small doses.” And of course, starting with artwork is a great way to experiment. “Finding a piece of colorful artwork you like in a classic frame is a great first step to adding color to your interior design,” says Anabeth. “It’s easy to change up and replace if you don’t like it—but more than likely you’ll be glad you stepped out of your comfort zone in this way.”

If you’re ready to add pops of color throughout your own home, the White Gallery frame is the perfect complement. And check out Anabeth’s Instagram for more bold color inspiration!

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