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As of December 2022, our Press Framing service is now our Online Article service.  To print and frame an Online Article, click here After you submit your order, our team will send you a mock up of your layout for your approval prior to putting your frame into production. Please note, we no longer accept physical articles to be framed.  To learn more, please read this blog post.  




While we’re the first to grow heart-eyes over an original painting or limited edition print, we believe that personal, everyday items (a handwritten letter, an old postcard, a diploma) can also be elevated to “fine art” status when simply framed.

Press framing is a prime example of how ordinary objects (pages clipped from magazines and newspapers) can be transformed into beautiful, custom framed keepsakes. A framed newspaper article, review, interview or magazine feature hanging on the wall speaks volumes about who you are, what you’ve done and what you’re passionate about. And if you ask us, that’s worth displaying–but don’t take our word for it! Here are some real-life press framing projects we recently completed for customers. We hope they inspire you to create your own.

passionately pets in washingtonian custom framedWhen Passionately Pets was named by Washingtonian one of the best pet care businesses in D.C., owner Jenna Gotch turned to us to make the write-up wall ready. The frame-within-a-frame technique we chose (using a custom cut mat and our Black Wide Gallery Frame) puts extra emphasis on the accolade, while having the entire magazine cover next to the article catches the eye.

starfish cafe reviews custom framedRave reviews of Maryanne Nolan’s Starfish Café in Ocean City, NJ also take center stage in Black Gallery Frames and white mats that we carefully hand-selected and cut to complement each piece.

workfit office article custom framedWhen David Wiener and his team at Workfit moved into their new office space, an article we custom framed in our Black Gallery Frame was one of the first things they hung on the wall.

new york times headline obama winsAdit Basheer chose to have this historic New York Times article custom framed in our Black Gallery Frame. The long, narrow page perfectly adorns a section of wall between two windows, showing how the right custom framed artwork can punch up a small space.

custom framed articleMegan Hughes Leslie surprised her father by printing an online article about him and having us custom frame it in our Black Gallery Frame. We’re so happy that her sweet gesture brought this smile to his face.

Our signature Gallery Frames are obviously popular for press framing. They suit any decor and come in an array of colors (from matte Black and White to shades of natural wood to Luxe Silver and Gold). Mats are carefully chosen and custom cut by us to highlight only the important items (such as a publication's title and article, or a magazine cover next to the feature) to make your press shine.

Inspired yet? Head over to our Frame Builder and select Magazine, Newspaper or Online Article. If you're looking to frame an online article, simply send us the link and we'll print it for you. If it's a magazine piece, feel free to send us the entire magazine and we'll carefully clip the appropriate pages for you. Please specify any special requests at checkout.

We can’t wait to custom frame your press!

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