Framing for Educational Institutions

In the world of education, achievements deserve to be celebrated and showcased. At Simply Framed, we understand that the right frames are not just decorative; they are a testament to the institution's legacy and achievements. Framing diplomas, certificates, and historical documents not only enhances the aesthetic of educational spaces but also instills a sense of pride and accomplishment among students and faculty. Simply Framed's custom framing solutions cater to these diverse needs, providing durable designs that protect and preserve educational accolades and heritage documents. 

How to expertly frame for your institution

In the world of education, achievements deserve to be celebrated and showcased. At Simply Framed, we understand that the right frames are not just decorative; they are a testament to an institution's legacy and successes. Explore our recommendations for choosing the perfect design for your educational setting.

  • Certificate and Antique Frames

    Our certificate and antique frame collections are perfect for showcasing awards and certificates. Both styles are a timeless selection to elevate your academic feats

    Expert tip: With added depth and contrast, the layering of a double mat style adds a touch of elegance for framed documents.

  • Diploma Collection

    Looking for the easy button for diploma framing? Explore our Diploma Framing collection, a curated combination of mat styles and frame models for your student and faculty accolades. Our selected finishes, Gallery Black, Gallery White, and Dark Walnut, are designed to complement any educational setting. Explore the collection now!

Premium Black Label for Older Documents

If you're in need of conservation framing for older documents and fine art pieces our Premium Black Label frames are the perfect solution. Available in 22 exquisite finishes, each Simply Framed Black Label frame is meticulously handcrafted by our conservation framing team, using the highest-quality hardwoods. For conservation framing inquiries please reach out to

Craftsmanship: Each Black Label frame is cut, sanded, joined, and finished by hand for a premium product.

Durable Construction: Each frame is constructed with spline joint corners adding unmatched strength and sophistication to your frame for years to come.

Protection: Equipped with 99% UV-filtering acrylic and made from archival materials, Black Label frames protect your valuable documents from fading and deterioration.

Online Article and Publication Framing

Ready to showcase your institution’s notable press clippings and published articles? Our online article framing service turns your articles into timeless pieces, perfect for display in educational offices and halls. Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Frame Style and Size: Options include Gallery Black, Gallery White, Gallery Natural, Dark Walnut, and metal finishes like Bright White, Matte Black, and Warm Silver. Sizes range from 11x14" (Small), 16x20" (Medium), to 30x20" (Large).

Order Process: Our expert deisgn team will create a cohesive deisgn with your article link for the selected frame size.

Final Product: Each frame includes a paper white mat with openings for the publication header and article, plus hanging hardware for easy installation.

This service is perfect for reinforcing the academic legacy of your institution by showcasing your achievements and inspiring students and faculty alike. Swimming in accolades? Ask our team about how to design a press gallery wall.

How to Get Started with Your Framing Project

Kicking off your framing project is easy – we promise. Here’s what you can expect:

Consultation: Begin by connecting with our team to discuss your vision and requirements. Our easy-to-use inquiry form is your first step toward personalized framing solutions.

Design Selection: Select from a wide range of frame designs that resonate with your institution’s ethos. From modern to traditional, we offer styles that complement any educational setting.

Customization and Confirmation: Customize your frames to suit specific awards, documents, or artworks. We ensure each piece reflects your institution's unique spirit and prestige.

Production, Shipping, and Installation: We provide detailed information on production schedules, delivery, and installation services, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

Refresh: Our frames feature removable backings, allowing for easy updates. Whether it's replacing old documents or refreshing displays with new achievements, our frames are designed for longevity and adaptability. Plus, we keep a record of your orders to simplify reorders and updates.

Choosing Simply Framed means opting for excellence in quality and service. Our framing solutions not only celebrate and showcase educational success but also enhance the learning environment, encouraging both current students and alumni to take pride in their educational journey. No matter the vision, our team is here to support you every step of the way. 

Are you ready to elevate your educational institution’s spaces with professionally crafted frames? Fill out our inquiry form below, sign up for a consultation, browse our stunning collection of frames, or start designing your frames today on our website. Let us help you celebrate and preserve your institution's achievements and heritage with frames that tell the story of educational excellence.

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