How to Frame Canvas Paintings

All manner of custom framed artwork has its place in our hearts. But when you’re seeking unique texture and craftsmanship, nothing beats an original painting on canvas.

Simply Framed offers a variety of beautiful, classic Canvas Float frames for canvas paintings specially designed to help your artwork shine. The timeless frames feature a thin profile and a ¼” space around the edge of the piece, which emphasizes the texture of the canvas in an elegant, minimalist way.

Our White Canvas Float frame is a popular choice for paintings with a muted color scheme. (Not sure how to choose the right wood frame for your piece? See our handy guide here.)

original painting on canvas custom framed in white canvas floatThis vintage painting custom framed in a Canvas Float frame in White is part of Dara’s personal collection.

photo of Iceland on canvas custom framedBlogger Brynn Elliott Watkins took an original photograph of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and turned it into wall-ready art by custom framing it in our White Canvas Float frame. While we do not currently offer printing on canvas, you’re welcome to have the printed canvas made yourself and send it to us for framing!

The Canvas Float frame in Natural blends beautifully into a room with more rustic elements, and is great for those who prefer to see some wood grain.

canvas float frame gallery wallDara’s gallery wall also features this painting by Field Kallop in our Natural Canvas Float frame.

karina bania paintings in natural canvas float framesA pair of original paintings by Karina Bania custom framed in Canvas Float in Natural hang in Lexi Mainland’s living room, as featured on Cup of Jo.

close-up of natural canvas float frameAnd we had to include a closeup, so that you could see the wood grain!

If you’re working with a darker color palette, opt for the Canvas Float frame in Black—or go for glam with our Canvas Float frame in Gold and Black.

juniper print shop art in black canvas float frameClassic with a twist: This digital print from Juniper Print Shop looks just like an original oil painting when custom framed in our Canvas Float frame in Black. Photo courtesy of Chloe MacKintosh.

No matter which type of floating frame for canvas you choose, you’ll want to follow these key steps to ensure the best results for sending in unstretched canvas for framing:

  • Make sure that your canvas is unstretched. If it’s already on a stretcher, email us the depth and size of your canvas to see if we can accommodate it in one of our frames.
  • Make sure that you have 3-4” of extra canvas around the sides of your piece to accommodate stretcher bars. This excess canvas is necessary for us to wrap your piece around the stretcher bars, and will not show on the front surface of your finished framed piece.
  • Your art dimensions should include the full measurement of your painting that will show on the front surface of your finished framed piece. Art dimensions should not include the extra 3-4” of canvas that we require to wrap your piece.
  • Carefully roll your unstretched canvas vertically (versus horizontally) to put the weight on the outer edge instead of a side. Keep the roll loose and the paint on the outside to minimize the risk of damage. (This might seem counterintuitive, but rolling with the paint on the inside may cause the paint to crease or wrinkle.)
  • Using the packaging materials we’ve sent for your Full Service order, carefully pack and ship your canvas piece our way—and we’ll take it from there! Soon you’ll have an expertly stretched and custom framed canvas painting, ready to hang in your home.

If you’re the DIY type or would prefer not to ship your canvas for any reason, you’ll be happy to know that we also offer a canvas Frame Only option! When calculating art dimensions for a Frame Only order, make sure to add the ¼” of float space on each side that will show between the exterior edge of your artwork and the interior edge of your Canvas Float frame, in addition to the the full measurement of your painting that will show on the front surface of your finished framed piece.

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