Restaurant and Retail Framing

Retail stores and restaurants are high-traffic environments where every detail counts - the aesthetic appeal of your space can make the difference in customer experience. At Simply Framed, we're experts in delivering perfectly curated frames that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of retail and restaurant environments. We're here to ensure your space stands out from the crowd, one frame at a time.

From thematic artwork that reflects seasonal promotions to curated art collections, frames play a crucial role in setting the stage for your art & design choices to shine. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, our frames not only withstand the bustling of busy commercial settings but also enhance the overall decor, making every visit memorable for customers. This strategic enhancement of the environment can lead to increased brand awareness, resulting in customer loyalty and sales.

To best create a "frame" work to guide your design process, we recommend asking yourself the following questions: 

  • What ambiance are we aiming for? Cozy, modern, or eclectic?
  • What are the dimensions and layout of my space?
  • What message do I want the wall art to convey?

Style Recommendations for Your Retail Space

  • Gallery Deep Frames

    Our Gallery Deep frames, nearly twice as deep as standard frames, captivate viewers and transform your chosen artwork into a modern masterpiece. Perfect for large pieces, especially those over 30x40”, and best paired with a floated mat for a luxurious finish.

  • Plexibox Frames

    Plexibox frames are unique and perfect for showcasing original artwork. Their bright colors and thick acrylic are perfect for original artwork and posters. They're guaranteed to stand out and leave a lasting impression!

  • Organic Gallery Walls

    Create a personalized narrative with organic gallery walls, featuring a non-grid layout that adds a unique, personal touch to your space. Easily update with new press publications, staff photos, or local commissioned art, complemented by Gallery Classic frames for a cohesive look.

  • Non-Glare Acrylic

    Opt for non-glare acrylic in spaces flooded with natural light to reduce reflections and enhance visibility of your framed artwork or photographs, essential for capturing your space without unwanted glare.

How to Get Started with Your Framing Project

Ready to get your frames ordered? Follow our guide below:

Consultation: Reach out to our team through our inquiry form for a personalized consultation. We're here to listen to your needs and help you envision the perfect framing solution for your space.

Design Selection: With a variety of frame styles and materials at your disposal, select the perfect match for your establishment's decor. Our team can guide you through choosing frames that complement your interior design and enhance your thematic decor.

Customization and Confirmation: Customize your frames to perfectly match your branding and decor needs. We work closely with you to finalize every detail, ensuring the frames perfectly complement your space.

Production and Shipping: We understand the importance of deadlines, especially in the retail and dining industry, and offer quick turnaround times to ensure your new decor is ready when you need it.

Refresh: Our frames are designed for easy updates. Seasonal promotions and new marketing campaigns can be showcased effortlessly, thanks to our frames' removable backings (upon request). Plus, we keep all your details on file for easy reorders and updates, saving you time and maintaining consistency across your decor.

Enhancing your retail or restaurant space with custom frames from Simply Framed is more than just an aesthetic choice—it's a strategic business decision.

Ready to upgrade your retail or dining space together with custom-designed frames? Fill out our inquiry form below, schedule a consultation, or begin designing your frames in our designer. At Simply Framed, we're excited to help you create a space that not only looks great but also resonates with your customers. Let's make your business space something truly special!

Bring Your Vision to Life—Let's Get Framing!

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