Framing Travel Photos

Of all the disparate emotions 2020 has thrown our way, wanderlust is one that seemingly unites us all. Whether you had to cancel a trip this year or are just feeling stir-crazy, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the longing to be anywhere but your own living room. So, what better time to reflect on past adventures?

Not only do custom framed travel photos make the ultimate keepsake, but they’re perfect for updating the decor you stare at all day in a personal, timeless, and joy-promoting way.

Here are five creative ideas and tips to get those travel photos custom framed using Simply Framed’s online Print and Frame service, and put on your walls—while still staying put.

Make a big statement.
Framed travel photos are great in pretty much any shape or size. But if you’ve got the space (and perhaps a penchant for drama), we recommend printing one in an extra-large size and custom framing it in a classic Gallery Frame for maximum impact.

custom framed travel photo of Joshua tree
This photo of Joshua Tree by Justin Leibow of Holmby Design looks simply stunning framed full-bleed in a White Gallery Frame.

custom framed black and white travel photo
The effect is also gorgeous in black and white, as demonstrated by Paula Coldiron.

Try something unexpected.
Not every travel photo needs to be of the vast landscape variety. Remember that pictures of people, animals, architecture, or exotic plants count too—as long as they remind you of a trip you took. Choosing an unexpected subject to frame and hang turns the original travel photo into a conversation piece with a story behind it, making it all the more special.

custom framed travel photo
We love how the colors in this personal travel photo by Cattie Coyle pop in our Certificate Frame in Gold.

custom framed travel photo
A destination photo shoot creates the most cherished wall art of all: a family photo and travel photo in one (one Natural Gallery Frame, in this case.) Photograph by KT Merry.

Go with the 'gram.
When taking your artwork from phone to wall, consider keeping the Instagram aesthetic by adding a weighted mat that has a wider bottom than top. (Email us for help placing your order.) This is an especially great option for images smaller in size, as it allows you to make the final framed art larger without lowering the photo’s resolution to our required 300 dpi.

custom framed travel photos
How cool do these custom framed Instagram photos by Jude Sue look in weighted mats in our Natural Gallery Frames?

Shake up your shelfie.
Not ready to commit to redecorating your walls? Take it slow by adding a custom framed travel photo to a shelf. Easy to move around or swap out as you please, it’s a low-risk way to reap the reward of year-round vacation vibes.

custom framed travel photo
This print by Kelsey Chapman custom framed in a White Gallery Frame has us dreaming of our next tropical getaway.

Grow a whole gallery.
Can’t decide among your favorite travel photos? Don’t! Dedicate an entire gallery wall to your love of travel. In order to maintain some sense of order, we recommend choosing a color scheme or common theme or destination—or let us simplify the process with our complimentary
Gallery Wall Concierge Service.

custom framed travel photo gallery wall by Denise Crew
These prints by Denise Crew create a cohesive gallery wall showcasing a love of the West Coast, all neatly custom framed in our White Gallery Frames.

Ready to print and custom frame those travel photos? Let’s get you started at

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