2 bright abstract prints framed in white and hanging on a light wall in a clean pediatric waiting room

Framing for Healthcare

At Simply Framed, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with framing for healthcare environments. Selecting the right frames and artwork isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating a long-lasting design that instills patient confidence and comfort. Explore our frame recommendations and design tips to create a welcoming space that highlights your practices services and teams accomplishments!

Erik Barthels for Uprise Art. Staged at Montclair Pediatric Group @summithealthhq. Designed by @urbanchalet.

Healthcare offices are high-traffic areas where professionalism and cleanliness are paramount. Artwork and frames in these spaces do more than fill wall space; they reflect the care and precision of the services provided. Our specialized framing services are tailored to meet your art curation whether we are printing and framing your digital designs or crafting a frame for original pieces. Our products are not only curated for style but also durability and quality because we believe that good design should always be long-lasting. While browsing our recommendations below, keep in mind the atmosphere of your space i. clean and high-traffic, as well as the identity of your brand. 

Picking the perfect frames for your practice

Not sure where to start when selecting a frame? Below are a few of our most popular styles, and for a good reason. We've curated our frames for quality, durability and long-lasting style.

  • Canvas Printing and Framing

    For a polished and durable option, canvas printing and framing eliminate the need for a mat, keeping the focus on the artwork or professional achievements. Canvas frames are the perfect way to add elevated wall art to your waiting room with ease!

  • Wide Frames

    Gallery Wide frames have a shallow profile, ensuring they sit close to the wall. Not only are these frames perfect for high-traffic areas, they provide a clean and unobtrusive look. Check out our Gallery Wide White and Gallery Wide Black frames for inspiration. 

  • Black and White Frames

    Crisp and clean, white frames are perfect for creating a sense of hygiene and order. They blend seamlessly with white walls, enhancing the professional look of your office.

    In contrast, sleek and sophisticated black frames highlight the content without overwhelming the viewer. They are ideal for diplomas, certifications, and professional accolades.

  • Wooden Frames

    Frames with natural wood finishes are perfect for adding warmth to your space and making your patients feel at ease. 

    Explore our Gallery Natural collection for lighter wood tones, or our Gallery Walnut frames with a richer tone that bring warmth to any space.

Online Article and Publication Framing

Ready to showcase your practice’s notable press clippings and published articles? Our online article framing service turns your articles into timeless pieces, perfect for displaying in healthcare offices. Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Frame Style and Size: Options include Gallery Black, Gallery White, Gallery Natural, Dark Walnut, and metal finishes like Bright White, Matte Black, and Warm Silver. Sizes range from 11x14" (Small), 16x20" (Medium), to 30x20" (Large).

Order Process: Provide the article link, select your desired frame style and size, and let our team create a custom design tailored to your specifications.

Final Product: Each frame includes a paper white mat with openings for the publication header and article, plus hanging hardware for easy installation.

This service is perfect for reinforcing the professionalism of your office, showcasing your practice’s achievements, and enhancing patient confidence. And yes, we can create a gallery wall of your publications!

Diploma and Credential Framing

Showcase the achievements of your healthcare providers with our specialized diploma and certificate framing services. These frames not only protect and preserve important documents but also present them in a way that reinforces the expertise of your staff.

Certificate or Diploma Framing

Choose from a range of styles, including Gallery Black, Gallery White, and Dark Walnut, all designed to complement your office’s aesthetic. Looking for an option that’s not available? Start a custom frame or reach out to our team at hello@simplyframed.com.

How to Get Started with Your Framing Project

Kicking off your framing project is easy – we promise. Here’s what you can expect:

Consultation: Begin by connecting with our team to discuss your vision and requirements. Our easy-to-use inquiry form is your first step toward personalized framing solutions.

Design Selection: Select from a wide range of frame designs that resonate with your institution’s ethos. From modern to traditional, we offer styles that complement any educational setting.

Customization and Confirmation: Customize your frames to suit specific awards, documents, or artworks. We ensure each piece reflects your institution's unique spirit and prestige upon request.

Production, Shipping, and Installation: We provide detailed information on production schedules, delivery, and installation services, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

Refresh: Our frames feature removable backings upon request, allowing for easy updates. Whether it's replacing old documents or refreshing displays with new achievements, our frames are designed for longevity and adaptability. Plus, we keep a record of your orders to simplify reorders and updates.

Ready to transform your healthcare office with professionally framed achievements and artwork? Fill out our inquiry form below, sign up for a consultation, browse our stunning collection of frames, or start designing your frames today on our website. We’re excited to help you elevate your space and showcase your professional excellence. Let’s frame your achievements and make your office space truly remarkable!

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