Tips to Ship

Our team knows a lot about protecting artwork—whether it’s preserved as a treasured piece in a custom frame, or just beginning its journey in a package sent our way for framing.

On Full Service orders, our online Designer will automatically select optimal packaging according to your art size as your default ‘Mail-In Method’. We send flat mailers for art under 13x18” and tubes for larger sizes. (If you are using your own packaging, make sure it is sturdy and the correct size for your artwork.)

Here are our top tips for how to package and ship your artwork to us in your mailer or tube so it stays safe, secure, and damage-free in its travels.

You've got your art - now how do you package it for a safe arrival at our frame shop?


Encase your artwork in a glassine sleeve. Our boxes and tubes come with glassine sleeves. Glassine keeps art scratch-free, dirt free, and happy!

Make an ‘Art Sandwich’ (we’re talking panini press—not open face). When using our Flat Mailers and boxes, place artwork in between cardboard pieces to protect your art and keep it flat.

Protect art corners. Use folded paper at the corners of your artwork to provide extra protection for anything shipping flat—no origami skills required!

Original artwork by Evan Venegas.


If rolling a canvas, make sure the paint is on the outside. Paint performs well when stretched, but does not like being compressed, which could lead to chipping or flaking.

If rolling for a tube, don't roll artwork too tight.

Send it snug. Make sure there isn't room for your art to shift during transit. After packaging the art, we recommend filling any extra space with additional packing materials such as bubble wrap or scrunched paper.

Prevail Poster by Mister Michelle.


Never place tape directly on the art. Instead, place painter's tape on a packaging material that surrounds the art such as paper around rolled art or paper protecting the corners of a flat print.

Evaluate your art's condition. You’ll be asked to specify any damages to your art as you check out. Share any notes with us about the condition of your art so we can be certain your art arrives in the same shape you sent it in.

Calculate your art's value—and insure if you need it. All shipments are insured for $100 through our carrier, FedEx. If you would like to increase the insurance on your art or final shipment please reach out to us at

Keep track of your tracking number whenever you ship artwork. And make sure to include a printed copy of the Order Form inside your tube, mailer, or box. This serves as your packing list and helps our team match the artwork with the order when we receive it.

And of course, if art is very valuable or irreplaceable we recommend using our Frame Only service, or taking it to a local framer. Happy shipping!

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