In Frame: A Painted Portrait

We're very proud to be a company with a lot of working moms on our team. Greta, our Content Director, took only a year and a half (because, you know, moms are busy) to pull together a post about the portrait she painted of her son Peter, which was a perfect match for our White Canvas Float frame.

Since the portrait was painted, Peter has grown into a wild toddler...and Henry, now seven months, also arrived. Lesson learned: The photoshoot would have been easier to pull off when Peter was the only child, at any age other than two-and-a-half. Here's to all the moms, everywhere!

Peter cuddles up to his portrait, cooperating briefly with the idea of a photoshoot at the promise of fruit snacks afterwards.

Who: Greta Stimpson, our Content Director

What: An acrylic portrait of her son Peter

Greta's acrylic painting stretched and framed in our White Canvas Float frame.

From Greta: "When Peter was 8 months old, my husband got me a gift certificate to take a painting class at a local art studio. I had been saying (on repeat) that I wanted to start painting again, but with all the demands of new motherhood, it turned out I needed a class to actually be forced to do it. Going solo to the class and skipping bedtime once a week to do something for myself was a revelation.

The joke is that even when you get a break from your child you still talk about them the whole time you're away. The irony is not lost on me that in the moments away from my kid, I painted his portrait, effectively still staring at him the whole time.

Fruit snacks no longer seeming to be an incentive and Peter is no longer participating in the photoshoot.

I think it will be so cool for Peter to have the painting when he's older. Who knows if he'll feel that way—but it is meaningful to me because it reminds me of my love for him and the importance of nurturing your passions and parts of your identity that make you happy beyond your kids. Adding the White Canvas Float frame was the perfect touch to elevate the painting to appear like a treasured piece of artwork that it is."

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As of 8/26/2021, this frame collection has been discontinued.

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