Who: Jessica Swaney, tastemaker and Director of Operations at cult-favorite North Carolina boutique Furbish Studio. (Don't worry, you can snag their goods online too!)

What: A vintage Indian Banjara textile floating in our White Gallery Frame.

From Jessica: "I found this textile in NYC at Market. There's an incredible textile vendor there that always has the most gorgeous pillows and fabrics from around the world. It's always our first stop; we love digging through the piles of treasures and never leave empty-handed!

I'm always so amazed by the intricacies and handiwork in old textiles. Things just aren't made like that anymore! It was also one of the first pieces I bought for our new home. I loved the size and colors in it and knew it would be the perfect starting point for our living room. I love that the White Gallery Frame I chose for it is simple, yet elevated, since it's sewn on linen. Sometimes hanging textiles can go a little too "college dorm room," but this frame really makes it a work of art."

Have a treasured textile—or collection of textiles—that you want to frame? Here's the scoop on Simply Framed textile framing and why you should consider a floated frame. And if you're coveting Jessica's awesome style, be sure to check out @furbishstudio on Instagram and peek at our In Frame from her colleague, Jamie Meares.

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