In Frame: Nataliya Khan

Scrolling Seattle-based photographer Nataliya Khan’s blog, Instagram feed, and print shop is a study in beauty. There’s beauty in the natural world, which she captures in photos like Big Sur or Sunset in Islamabad. There are scenes showing her warm, cozy home and beautiful family, often drenched in sunlight. And there are images and personal anecdotes telling the story of a rich culture and country she grew up in. Nataliya moved from Pakistan in 2006, and most of her family still lives there.

We always love custom framing children’s artwork, so we were so excited to collaborate with Nataliya on printing and framing a whimsical drawing by her 9-year old in our Natural Gallery frame to add the finishing touch to a cozy plant-filled nook in her home.

nataliya Khan

Who: Mom, photographer, writer, and storyteller Nataliya Khan

What: A portrait of her family, drawn by her 9-year old daughter

From Nataliya: "This drawing that my 9-year-old made is so close to my heart! For all of her existence, she has been leaving us little scribbles, drawings, love notes, and doodles all over our house. She drew this portrait of our family on the white board in my husband's office, and my husband took a photo of it. I've got boxes saved of her artwork, but I felt that having it custom framed like this would be just the reminder we need in our home.

nataliya Khan

I've been eyeing the Natural Gallery frame for a while after seeing it tagged on Instagram, so it was an easy choice. Being in the Pacific Northwest, I love including natural elements around me and in our home. I really enjoy how the wood has a grain to it which adds depth and texture, while being so modern and simple and letting the focus stay on the art.

The whole process, from ordering through the website and picking through the options to receiving our frame was amazing! I loved how well everything is packaged, and the frame in person is so beautiful."

We love how this meaningful yet simple black and white line drawing pairs with our Natural Gallery frame. Shop it here.

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