In Frame: Sarah Weily

You may remember a blog post we published last summer, featuring the incredible home of Sarah and Reed Weily. If so, you know the super-chic couple has a knack for blending old and new design elements. (Case in point: Reed’s original sticker art custom framed in our Blue Max Plexibox Frames, hung over the grand staircase of their Tudor home.)

We’re huge fans of Sarah’s unique style, and were thrilled when she came to us with another fun framing project for her family’s home. Keep reading to learn all about it!

hattie Stewart art custom framed for Sarah weily

Who: Interior designer Sarah Weily.

What: A series of original prints by Hattie Stewart on magazine covers, custom framed in Bright White Metal Gallery Frames and hung in the Weily family’s TV room.

From Sarah: “These prints were done by Hattie Stewart, an amazing doodle artist based out of London. My husband, Reed, found them on eBay. I’m drawn to color, and these prints have amazing color—especially when you’re able to see all of them together. We found 30 of them, and had to have them all!

“When it came to finding a home for such a large collection of prints, we had to get a little creative. There is a giant exposed beam in the ceiling of our TV room, and it turned out to be the perfect—albeit unexpected—space. The framed prints now line both sides of the beam, and add an amazing pop of color to the mostly white room.

hattie Stewart artwork custom framed for Sarah weily

hattie Stewart artwork custom framed for Sarah weily

Simply Framed does the majority of the custom framing in our house, so I knew immediately that Dara and her team would be the right fit for this project. We went back and forth a bit, debating whether these prints should be framed in White Gallery or Black—but I ultimately chose the white to match the rest of the room, and let the art (with all of its crazy color) speak for itself. I definitely think this was the right choice, and am so happy with how these prints turned out!”

hattie Stewart artwork custom framed for Sarah weily

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