A Stylish Switch Up

Even professional designers sometimes get stumped on what to do with a room. Longtime friends and Boston designers Emily Starr Alfano, of mStarr design, and Jess Klein, owner of Oh, I Design Studio + Blog each felt like they had a tricky room in their homes. No matter how much time or money they invested, their two difficult-to-decorate spaces just never quite came together. For Jess, her challenge was her guest room, and for Emily, it was her main bedroom. And then, they had a fun idea: what if they became each other’s designers?

Emily and Jess documented the entire process on Instagram, using #mstarrxohidesign, giving us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how they pulled it all off. We loved looking through Emily and Jess’s photos and reading their interview with Rue Magazine, and we wanted to share a few favorites featuring our Simply Framed frames. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to see the perfect solution.

Let’s start with Jess’s guest room, designed by Emily. At the beginning of the project, Jess felt the room lacked a cohesive aesthetic. For years, she used the room as a guest room, office, and bedroom for her son. She wanted the layout to balance the multipurpose use in a way that felt thoughtful and organized. Emily’s design absolutely delivers on the task, and we love the way she integrated office and bedroom furniture seamlessly.

The soothing ocean tones create a serene environment for sleep or work, and the clever desk nook makes great use of the sloped ceiling.

This Patchwork Print by Collective Prints, in our Black Gallery frame, complements the calm nature of the space. The stark, black frame anchors the soft pastels, so they don’t get lost in the room.

Emily filled the bedside with natural textures and fresh, earth-inspired touches. The linens, ceramics, and light wood go perfectly together. Above the bed, the calming Low Tide Print by Collection Prints, in our Dark Walnut Gallery frame, inspires seaside dreams.

This thoughtfully designed office nook makes the most of the space, balancing form and function. Above the desk, Emily chose a small, minimalist print, Knot by Collection Prints, in our Black Gallery frame. What a cool work-from-home setup!

Now let’s take a look at Jess’s re-imagination of Emily’s bedroom. Standout bedding and pillows were a must on Emily’s list, and Jess certainly delivered! The mix-and-match patterns from Garnet Hill and Danielle Oakey look as pretty as they do plush.

Emily wanted to incorporate vintage and contemporary pieces in her room to create a well-rounded and unique space. We love how Jess coordinated the wood of this vintage nightstand with our Walnut Gallery frame, custom-made to showcase Collection Prints’ Woman at the Window.

Jess styled this sunny corner of the room with the stacked Dried Floral prints (I and II), also from Collection Prints. The Dark Walnut Gallery frames tie together the natural tones throughout the room.

Thank you, Jess and Emily, for featuring our Simply Framed frames in your fun room swap project! Everything looks gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see what you two continue to do.

All photos by Ruth Eileen Photography.

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