Introducing...Frame Only!

As much as we love custom framing your beautiful pieces of art, we realize that sometimes, you’d rather DIY. Maybe you’re a professional artist who wants a frame without paper backing, so you can quickly swap out the art for photo shoots. Maybe you’re an influencer working on a tight timeline who would prefer to just add the artwork yourself, or maybe your piece is so delicate or valuable that you don’t feel comfortable sending it to us in the mail. Whatever your reasons, we get it—and so, we’re excited to announce that we now offer a Frame Only service to better suit your needs.

simply framed tool kit
Frame Only orders come complete with hanging hardware and all the instructions you need to assemble and hang your frame! Need more supplies? Check out our Tool Kit. (You Are Magic by Banquet Workshop shown in our Natural Gallery Frame.)

Frame Only is the perfect choice for when you’d like to order a custom frame...hold the custom framing. You’ll get the same top quality as all Simply Framed orders, but with a quicker turnaround and the flexibility of putting in the artwork yourself. You’ll also get to skip the step of mailing in your art, which may eliminate some stress if the piece is especially sentimental or precious. Simply build the frame of your dreams in our Designer, sit back, relax, and wait for it to arrive on your doorstep.

simply framed frame only
When you place a Frame Only order for a wood frame from our core collection, it will come with flex points and an archival backing board for easy assembly.

simply framed frame only
All Frame Only orders come with instructions for how to create a T-Hinge to mount your artwork like a Pro (like Banquet Workshop, whose art is pictured here.)

Here’s how it works:

1. Head to and select START A FRAME. Choose the Art Type category that best describes what you’re framing. Frame Only is available for Textile framing, floated pieces, canvases, and Black Label orders.

2. Choose from our recommended Frame Models and Mat Styles based on your chosen Art Type. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll be taken to the Designer to customize the components of your Frame, including Mat Style and Hanging Hardware.

3. Make sure to select Frame Only in the SERVICE field so we know to build and ship your frame without art. While you can still upload a Preview Image to see how your artwork will look in the frame, we won’t print it. (If you want us to print a photograph to put inside your custom frame, design a Print and Frame order.)

4. Add the dimensions for the piece you plan to frame, and make sure they’re accurate. Because we aren’t able to double-check measurements for Frame Only orders, it’s extra important that yours are correct!

5. Your frame will arrive with flex points, archival backing board (not the usual kraft paper backing), and clear instructions for how to insert your artwork and finish the frame. You’ll also receive instructions for how to properly mat your artwork so the final product is perfect.

simply framed metal framesOur Metal Frames come with handy corner brackets and screws that make it easy to switch out your art at any time. The backing board and optional mat slide in and out easily for ultimate versatility.

simply framed black label frame only
For those extra special pieces, consider ordering a Simply Framed Black Label frame and putting it together yourself!

simply framed black label
It's easy to put the strainer on a Simply Framed Black Label frame with a screwdriver or a drill bit.

simply framed Sarah milne
Voila! Art by Sarah Milne, custom framed by you.

Sounds simple enough, right? Once you’re ready to place your own Frame Only order, head to the Designer at to get started!

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