Meet Island Mat

Let’s say you have a piece of art on pretty cardstock, like a letterpress sign with a whimsical pop of color along the edge. You want to have the piece custom framed, you’re interested in floating it so the cool colored edge shows—but you also love the look of a classic mat, and wish there was a way to have the best of both worlds.

Well, now there is.

Jessica Hische's Certificate of Awesomeness, framed with an Island Mat in our Certificate Frame in Silver.

With our new Island Mat option, art is mounted to the mat, and then a second mat with an opening is placed on top to leave a ⅛”-¼” reveal around the edge of the floated piece. Art appears to float inside the mat window over an uncut bottom mat. And voilà—you get both the clean lines of a traditional mat, and the luxe appeal of floating your artwork.

Our Island Mat adds an extra dose of drama to a beautiful trio of foil stamped note cards from Block Shop Textiles, in our Natural Gallery Frames.

An elegant Island Mat is always ready for a close-up. How fun is that unexpected flash of gold the dazzles the edge of each Block Shop note card?

Our Island Mat is the perfect solution for pieces with a deckled or interesting edge, or anything with a raw edge (like original artwork or artifactual items, like antique maps) that begs to be admired. It’s also a great way to add dimension to a smaller piece, or frame multiple works within the same frame.

Original artworks by illustrator Leah Goren’s mom, custom framed in our Natural Gallery Frame with an Island Mat mount to tie it all together.

With our new Designer, it's easier than ever to select the type of Mat Style that suits your artwork. And while many types of art look great with a Single Mat or framed Full Bleed, floated artwork has the unique ability to let the viewer enjoy both the artwork and its dimension. Our Canvas Float frames show off the texture of canvas; meanwhile, vintage silk scarves and other textiles look gorgeous floated in a shadowbox. If you’re not sure which Mat Style to choose, click here for some tips to help get you started, or go here to compare our variety of Mat Styles side by side. And remember, if you love the idea of floating and matting your piece, Island Mat is your answer.

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