SF in SF: Jude Fulton's Micro Apt.

At Simply Framed, we know a good design tool when we see it. Case in point: Jude Fulton’s startup Trays, which makes it super easy to assemble digital “one-minute moodboards” that make the ideas and inspiration phase of any visual project a snap.

So, when Jude was interested in collaborating with us on a custom-framing project for her San Francisco apartment, we jumped at the chance to work with her. What we didn’t know at the time was just how much character and personality Jude’s apartment had. For one, it’s 700—yes, you read that right—700 square feet (check out her space-saving tips for tiny apartments). For two, Jude used her architecture background to build the majority of furniture in the space herself along with her husband, including the loft area and kitchen island. With a DIY game and creative force this strong, we were very excited to see which pieces Jude would select to custom-frame for her ultra-personalized space, and her choices did not disappoint. Read on to learn all about the collab in Jude’s own words.

Jude, sipping a cappuccino in an office that's much bigger than her apartment.

SF: Fill us in on the pieces you chose to frame with us and why you love them.

JF: For the triptych, I chose a set of Instagram prints of some people I love—my sister, husband, and pup George—outdoors, against the ocean and a mountain. They make me so happy when I glance at them. They're framed in a natural wood frame with ample white space because they're quite small. I like that the white space helps the photos stand out and adds some visual weight on my wall.

Jude's triptych of sentimental Instagram photos framed in our Natural Wood Gallery Frames with a weighted mat. Photo credit: Jude Fulton.

JF: For the larger pair, I chose black and white prints set in a simple black frame. The first is a map of London from Mapiful. London is one of the cities we went to on our honeymoon, and possibly my favorite city in the world. The second print is a graphic print of mountain peaks, by graphic designer Sarah Van Peteghem of Coco Lapine Design. They are reminders to me to continue to travel the world!

Mapiful's London print sitting pretty in our Black Gallery Frame. Photo Credit: Jude Fulton.

Coco Lapine's graphic print framed full-bleed in our Black Gallery Frame. Photo Credit: Jude Fulton.

SF: How did you use Trays to get the project started?

JF: The moodboards helped me figure out which photos would look good together and narrow down my choices.

Jude's inspiration board for the project made with Trays.

SF: How has living in such a small space changed your life for the better?

JF: I first arrived in San Francisco with two suitcases in hand, thinking I would be here for four months. Two years later, I'm still here and loving it. It's amazing how fewer things can be really liberating and help you start a new chapter. You realize you don't need a lot of space in a city with a climate as great as this and so many awesome places in the city to hang out.

SF: Tell us your number one design rule to live by and why.

JF: Hmm that's hard. Maybe a combination of go with your gut and trust your first instincts, as well as, "Test everything, hold on to the good."

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