Maisonette’s Makeover

Has anyone else noticed that it's so much harder to go back to work on Monday morning after a summer weekend? We're guessing the Maisonette team doesn't have that problem, considering how good their redesigned office is looking these days.

We’ve long been fans of the expertly curated online boutique’s collection of toys, clothing, furniture, and custom framed art. So, when we heard that the luxury brand was giving their Brooklyn headquarters a design refresh, we were beyond excited to see the results.

simply framed maisonette office
Large-scale, custom framed photos of children at play adorn Maisonette’s new headquarters, thanks to the design talents of Ariel Okin. All photos by Seth Caplan for Homepolish.

Maisonette founders Sylvana Ward-Durrett, Luisana Mendoza de Roccia, and Phoebe de Croisset tapped brilliant interior designer Ariel Okin to spearhead the makeover, with a few important requests: The space needed to feel cohesive and organized, elevated, and (of course) fun. And did Ariel deliver!

“They had been using a mish-mash of random furniture prior to us working together,” she said. “They really needed help creating space for their expanding team and keeping the desks flexible for more staff, while making the space feel livable and fun—and not too corporate!”

simply framed maisonette
We love the contrast between the large-scale photograph, and the playful polka dots.

Ariel struck a perfect balance between posh and playful by evoking memories of childhood in a sophisticated way. The new Maisonette HQ features whimsical elements like patterned wallpaper (polka dots for the conference room, colorful confetti in the entryway) cozy textiles (we love the sheepskin rugs draped over the chair backs) and a fresh pastel palette that makes the entire space feel both upbeat and calm. It’s an office that we wouldn’t mind returning to after a wonderful weekend, or even a leisurely summer vacation.

Of course, one of our favorite highlights is the amount of custom framed art on the walls. Most notably, Maisonette’s home base now features a show-stopping gallery wall in its inviting conference room, and some of the brand’s print ad campaigns as large-scale photographs framed by us.

maisonette simply framed gallery wall
Serious (but not too serious!) gallery wall goals, complete with our White Gallery Frames.

Head over to for more details—and, if you’re considering giving your own office or workspace a refresh for summer, don’t forget the custom framing! From certificates to newspaper articles to original art, we’ll get those prized pieces wall-ready at

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