Print & Frame Your Instagram Photos

If you’re anything like us, your smartphone’s camera roll is packed with amazing photos of the people, places, and things that matter most to you. The lucky ones might make it to your Instagram feed to be “liked” by friends and family. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow turn those digital keepsakes into tangible objects for your home?

Simply Framed Print and Frame Gallery Wall
Personal photos via Angela Swinderman Elias of POPSUGAR, custom framed using our Print & Frame service.

With Simply Framed’s Print & Frame service, you can easily print and custom frame photographs from Instagram, Facebook and almost any other digital platform where your fave photos live. The images on your feed and in folders are just waiting to be transformed custom framed digital photos that make you smile whenever you see them (well hello, #happywalls). And what’s more, it’s easy to do.

Here’s how it works:

1. Start at Click “upload your photo” and choose from online sources like Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Simply Framed Print and Frame Instagram Photos

Simply Framed Print and Frame Instagram Photos

2. Select your size. We can print and custom frame digital photos from 8x10” to 30x40”—so feel free to get a little bit wild. You want to frame that poster-sized image of your dog? Go for it! And if you need to print even bigger, feel free to reach out to us about a special order.

3. Choose your frame. From sleek and modern Metal Frames to classic Gallery Frames to ornate Antique and Certificate Frames, we’ve got so many options to choose from—and once you’ve loaded your photo to Print & Frame, you can see how it looks in each beautiful frame style before you make a decision. Whether you’re looking for something minimalist to barely accent a colorful vacation scene or something fancier to add special focus to a family photo, you’re sure to find the right custom frame for your Instagram photos.

4. To mat or not to mat? We’re big fans of choosing a mat when custom framing personal photos. A gorgeous landscape or blown up travel shot is often the exception. You can always reach out to us with questions to ensure that those custom framed Instagram photos turn out just right. Click here for some of our most handy tips for knowing when (or not) to choose a mat.

5. Finish placing your order, and then wait excitedly by your front door until it arrives! Of course, that last part is totally optional—but it’s definitely what we do while waiting for a package in the mail, especially when that package contains beautiful custom framed art and photos.

Scroll on for inspiration to help you incorporate custom framed personal photographs into your home decor...

Simply Framed Rad and In Love Instagram
Photo by RAD + IN LOVE custom framed in our Old School Metal Frame in Bright White.

Jamie Street Photo Simply Framed
Photo by Jamie Street Photography matted in the Simply Framed White Gallery Frame.

Simply Framed Print and Frame Instagram Photos
Personal photos custom framed full bleed in Simply Framed Metal New School Frames in Warm Silver.

Simply Framed Gallery Wall
Gallery wall goals via a variety of custom framed personal photos styled for Sunset Magazine.

Time to browse your own digital devices for the hidden gems that will soon grace your walls. Also, keep in mind that if friends and family “liked” your photo on Instagram, they might like it in a frame even more. Custom framed photos from Facebook and Instagram make great last-minute gifts.

Browse all of our custom frames right here, and head here when you’re ready to custom frame your most gorgeous shots.

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