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With winter’s chill freezing many parts of the country, we’re officially ready to embrace the warm fuzzies of Valentine’s Day. To kick off the annual love fest, we’re introducing you to a small handful of the designers, customers, Pro Partners, and publications who make our jobs (and our Instagram feeds!) a joy to return to each day.

Helping you put the things you love the most on your walls is part of our mission. This means that we feel the love daily—because we get to see the beautiful and meaningful things you send in, and also because we know that we had a small role in making your walls happier. Keep scrolling for some major sources of inspiration, why we love them—and why they love us back.

Natalie Myers

Why we love her: If you’re not following Natalie Myers on Instagram, you’re missing out on some serious design inspo. The founder of Los Angeles-based Veneer Designs is a master of high-end California interiors, beautifully updating SoCal’s classic mid-century features with unique, modern details and perfect color palettes. We are truly honored that she chooses our frames for her spaces.

veneer designs dining room
Interior by Veneer Designs with art by Block Shop Textiles in our Natural Gallery Frame.

Why she loves us: Streamlined tasteful options and easy ordering.

"What I really liked was that I didn't have to sort through dozens of frame styles that weren't for me and get overwhelmed before giving up. They have curated their frames to exactly the clean, gallery like styles I would want with Framebuilder. Just my taste and a nice complement to the actual art. I found the process a no brainer." - Natalie Myers

Jane Mount

Why we love her: We all know the bittersweet feeling that comes with finishing a book you wish would last forever. Well, artist/illustrator (and, now, author of Bibliophile) Jane Mount has created a fun and beautiful way to give your favorite turn-pagers new life—as art on your walls! We adore the way the colorful prints look in our classic Gallery Frames.

Jane Mount ideal bookshelfA custom Ideal Bookshelf that Jane painted for her literary agent, custom framed in our White Gallery Frame.

Why she loves us: Partnering with Simply Framed means artists can spend more hours making art and less time figuring out how to frame it at a level that’s on par with their gorgeous artwork.

“I want to spend my time making the very best work I can, and that means focusing on painting, not on framing. Partnering with Simply Framed means my art will look as good as it possibly can, much better than if I’d framed it myself, and that my customers have more and better quality framing options than I could provide.” - Jane Mount


Why we love them: If you’re interested in fashion, fitness, beauty, food or pop culture (and, really, who isn’t?) you’re already familiar with PopSugar. The site is one of our go-to resources for smart, savvy articles covering our favorite topics—so when we had the opportunity to custom frame personal photos for Content Director Angela Elias, we jumped at the chance.

popsugar x simply framed gallery wall

Why they love us: Because we help you cross things off your to-do (or honey-do) list.

"If creating a gallery wall or just printing and framing some of your favorite photos has long been on your to-do list, Simply Framed could be the solution you've been looking for." - Angela Elias, PopSugar

Kate Holstein

Why we love her: If you’re looking for a large-scale fine art photography print to elevate your home, look no further than Kate Holstein. Her online print shop is filled with striking landscapes that will stop you right in your tracks, while also inspiring some serious wanderlust. Prints are available up to 40x60 in size, and Kate’s signature palette of dreamy, muted tones makes them suitable for any space.

covenant house Covenant House in LA designed by Anne Sage and photographed by Marisa Vitale, featuring Kate Holstein prints in our Natural Gallery Frames.

Why she loves us: Convenience and customer service, coupled with our new Simply Framed Black Label collection—currently available to our Pro partners and soon to be available on our site!

“Simply Framed has made high quality framing a seamless and easy process. The results are beautiful for all levels of art and their customer service is top notch. With the release of their new Black Label collection (high-end, handmade custom wood frames) the frames are just as beautiful as the art being framed!” - Kate Holstein

Maxwell Ryan

Why we love him: The founder of Apartment Therapy has been a mentor to Dara and early adopter of Simply Framed from the beginning. We couldn’t be more flattered, since we consider Maxwell and AT the go-to authorities in decorating a home with high style.

simply framed neon plexibox
A row of the Max Plexibox frames that Maxwell loves, photographed by Our Love Is Loud.

Why he loves us: Besides singing the praises of our Print & Frame builder, we worked with Maxwell to create our Max Plexibox frame—and he’s never looked back.

“Try it, you’ll like it! Everyone here at the Apartment Therapy offices had differing opinions when the first Max Plexibox frames came in, but after living with them for a week and doing our photoshoot, everyone loved them and wanted one in their own home." - Maxwell Ryan

Uprise Art

Why we love them: Whether you’re looking to start a personal art collection from scratch or hunting for that one perfect piece, Uprise Art is likely where your search will end. It’s a one-stop shop for incredible, original works by up-and-coming and established artists, and their expertly curated online shop makes it super simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. Add custom framing by us, and enjoy.

uprise art dan covert simply framedAbstract art by Dan Covert curated by Uprise Art, on display at San Francisco’s Midway Gallery in our White Gallery Frames.

Why they love us: The personal attention, caring, and relationship building that comes with great customer service.

"As an online art gallery, we love working with Simply Framed because of their attention to detail, flexibility around tight deadlines and ability to customize framing profiles to fit our specific needs." - Uprise Art

Arielle Vey

Why we love her: Arielle Vey is an amazing photographer, social media influencer, and creative tour-de-force whose colorful Instagram feed has the rare ability to brighten up even the gloomiest winter days. Her online print shop, meanwhile, invites visitors to enjoy a bit of her sunny Southern California lifestyle in their own homes—and, really, who could resist?

Arielle vey simply framedArtwork by Arielle Vey styled and photographed by her, and custom framed by us.

Why she loves us: Our stellar operations team is always at your service.

"I can’t express how AWESOME the support team is. They’re so helpful and quick to respond." - Arielle Vey

Max Wanger

Why we love him: Take a brief scroll through the Max Wanger Print Shop, and you’ll immediately be struck by how prolific Max is. Each series of fine art photography prints is more beautiful than the last—and with so many uplifting subjects (from the magical vastness of the sea to the pure joy of sharing ice cream with a friend) to choose from, everyone is sure to find a print they’ll want to frame and hang.

max wanger simply framedDunes No. 4 by Max Wanger, framed by us in a Natural Gallery Frame for Amanda Jane Jones.

Why he loves us: High-quality printing and framing under one roof.

"We had always thought of Simply Framed as our framer. We didn't expect them to wind up being our preferred printer. Their print quality is phenomenal, and having everything done under one roof makes the whole process seamless. We would highly recommend their printing services to any professional photographer." - Max Wanger

Want to get in on the love-your-walls love fest? Head over to to get your art printed and custom framed.

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