Perusing the work of our pro partner Arielle Vey is kind of like taking a mini vacation. Her photographs have the ability to catapult you into a world where the flowers are always in bloom, the pool or ocean is always sparkling, and the sunset has never been better. It's no wonder she's amassed 140K followers on her Instagram account, which is a rabbit hole we'd recommend going down whenever you're feeling the need to put on some rose-colored glasses.

A pretty bedroom nook featuring Polly in our Natural Gallery Frame.

As we were dreaming up this fun collab, we took the opportunity to ask Arielle a few questions about her inspiration, her Instagram tips, and her side hustle as a vlogger.

We'd love to curl up on this blue velvet couch and take in the unexpected pairing of Amber in our Black Gallery Frame and Polly in our Natural Gallery Frame.

Simply Framed: What inspires you most as an artist?

Arielle Vey: Traveling, getting outside, and exploring new places! Taking in fresh colors and experiencing different cultures has been huge for me. Beyond the visuals, I meet the most creative, wonderful people who inspire me to my core.

SF: Your photographs have a really distinct color story. Where does that point of view originate from?

AV: Since I learned how to use Photoshop in high school, I've always bumped up the saturation and contrast. Over time, I've learned to create my own presets in Lightroom and with practice, have narrowed down my favorite color techniques. I grew up in both the Pacific Northwest and Southern California so I feel like between the two, I've taken in a spectrum of dynamic colors throughout my life.

Blooms over bed: Sienna in our Black Gallery Frame.

SF: You have such an awesome Instagram following! What quick tips would you give to artists (or anyone!) trying to get started on Instagram?

AV: Be yourself and do it because you love it. I think it really shows when you genuinely enjoy what you're doing. If you're looking to grow your business, be consistent, ask questions, and be prepared to put in the work!

SF: Tell us about why you vlog and what you love about that medium.

AV: Making videos is so refreshing. I've been shooting photos for over 10 years so when I pick up my camera to vlog or make a travel video, it feels like a whole new world. I love having the videos I've made to look back on.

SF: Any cool projects or collaborations you are working on at the moment?

AV: I'm actually about to get married (!!!) so that's been a huge part of my life in conjunction with a few fun brand collaborations that are happening this summer. I'm always working on the print shop behind the scenes and there's a couple projects in the works that I'll be able to talk about soon!

Head over to Arielle's Instagram for a chance to win a free custom framed print. Or just create your own win (minus the free part) by heading to Arielle's shop right now and placing an order.

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