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If you’re a fan of effortlessly chic, eclectic California interiors (see: Mandy Moore’s recently remodeled Pasadena home, pictured below) then you may already be familiar with Block Shop Textiles. If you’re not, then we’re thrilled to introduce you to Hopie and Lily Stockman, the sisters behind this truly inspiring (and rapidly growing) textile studio.

block shop simply framed architectural digest
Sidewinder by Block Shop Textiles floated in our White Gallery Frame, in Mandy Moore’s stunning new master bathroom designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel and Emily Farnham Architecture. Image via Architectural Digest.

Based in Los Angeles and Jaipur, Block Shop makes heirloom textiles that have high social benefit and low environmental impact, while also giving back to the brand’s community of textile artists. Hopie and Lily work directly with three different families of master printers, as well as two family-run weaving organizations in India. Their mission is to provide jobs and value through handmade (versus machine-made) goods, and they are committed to supporting the rich traditions of block carving, printing, dyeing, and weaving—as well as, of course, the master craftsmen who use them to create Block Shop’s gorgeous collection of high-quality items.

From notecards to rugs to woodblock paper prints (available custom framed by us), all items in Block Shop’s perfectly curated online shop are made by hand, and part of the proceeds go toward Block Shop’s Bagru Women’s Empowerment Program, to support the thriving micro-economies created by these family-run studios of artisans.

Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration and process behind Block Shop Textiles, in the dynamic sister duo’s own words.

block shop textiles dining room
This pair of Block Shop woodblock prints in our Natural Gallery Frames makes an arresting focal point in this elegant dining room, designed by Staci Dover and shot by Nicole Franzen for Architectural Digest.

Simply Framed: You’ve been awesomely successful at growing your business! What pieces of advice would you give to other artists trying to make it and sell their artwork online?

Block Shop: People starting out often underestimate how hard it is to create demand for your work. Probably the most unexpected—but important—lesson we’ve learned in the past 5.5 years is to focus on marketing after the purchase. So much of our business comes from our community of loyal customers spreading the world, almost like a big, loosely collected but incredibly effective marketing team. If you focus your marketing energy on nurturing relationships with existing customers, they can do the best marketing for you. Nothing is as powerful as word of mouth.

SF: Tell us the story behind your woodblock paper prints. What inspired you to introduce that category into your collection?

BS: We design for our own lives, and introducing framed paper prints to our collection of textiles felt like a natural progression from our scarves and dhurries, which we’ve always used as well hangings. Our customers often ask us the best way to frame or hang our textiles, so we decided to make beautifully framed, one-of-a-kind art prints.

block shop textiles HQ
A Block Shop lover’s dream come true, shot by Maggie Shannon.

SF: What inspires you to land on the concepts (music, architecture, nature, art, etc.) behind the symbols you create?

BS: Our recent collection of prints expands on our architectural design language and takes its inspiration from the art deco font design of French silversmith and designer, Jean Puiforcat. For our paper palette, we looked to the art deco terrazzo on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles to inform our vibrant Southern California colorways.

SF: How has the decision to offer custom framing in partnership with Simply Framed affected your business?

BS: People love its...well...simplicity. Being able to order one of our paper prints in a gallery quality frame with just one purchase relieves our customers of the logistical hurdle of custom framing. The quality and look of the shadowbox frame with floated artwork elevates the entire product and, as a result, the Block Shop brand.

block shop textiles neon pink custom framing
How fun is this?! We can't get over the way Block Shop’s Magnet print looks in our Max Plexibox Frame in Neon Pink!

Shop the textile studio’s entire collection of beautifully crafted products—from table linens to custom framed paper prints—at Already have a Block Shop textile that you’d like custom framed? We can help with that.

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