Recycle Your Bubble Wrap

Yes, we make your walls happy—but did you know we also have a mission of making the planet happy? We're always looking for ways to design our packaging to be more eco-friendly, and around Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate our efforts.

We ship and package artworks like these (by CDR and Hamish Robertson) without extra kraft paper and in green bubble wrap you can recycle.

Last year, we did away with the layer of kraft paper we used to ship our frames in. Since your frame is already well protected by our expert packing method plus bubble wrap (more on that below), the kraft paper was just for style points. By our calculations, eliminating kraft paper in our packaging helped us save 57,600 feet of paper, 28,600 gallons of water, and 7,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions in one year. Wahoo!

This Earth Day, we're educating our customers about bubble wrap. Hopefully, you're already recycling (or reusing) the cardboard boxes our frames ship in—but did you know you can recycle the bubble wrap our frames ship in as well?

Instead of sending bubble wrap to a landfill, you can drop it off anywhere #4 plastics are collected for recycling. It's becoming much more common for urban areas to pick up #4 plastics, but if your recycling program doesn't pick them up, many supermarkets have a drop-off bin for these materials at the front (plastic bags are also a #4 plastic).

Our bubble wrap is even colored emerald green to remind you that it doesn't belong in the trash can. And it truly is more green than traditional bubble wrap, made from up to 20% post recycled material (so it's already been recycled once!) and using over 15% less resin than traditional bubble.

Fun fact: Feel free to go ahead and pop all of those bubbles prior to recycling—scientific studies have shown that one minute of rigorous bubble wrap popping might relieve as much stress as a half-hour massage!

The best part about our bubble wrap is what's inside. Get your next custom frame in the works here.

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