SF x Fathom Away

We always love hearing about the moments when we help make someone's walls just a little bit happier. So, we were thrilled when Fathom Away's Berit Baugher wrote about bringing some prized travel souvenirs into a new light using our custom framing services.

A matchbox collection floated in our Vintage Silver Heritage Frame.

"Beautifully packaged Japanese wagashi or hand-loomed Peruvian blankets are hard to resist—even if I can get most things online these days," Berit writes. And while she admits that certain mementos find a place in her home, the less useful (but still loved) knickknacks could wind up being destined to live inside drawers for eternity.

Well, no longer! "Simply Framed's custom framing service has me reconsidering how to display a few of the impractical souvenirs I have stashed away," says Berit, likening framing and displaying your collectibles to an updated version of a scrapbook, a knickknack shelf, or a china cabinet. "A menu from a treasured meal, a ticket from a favorite museum exhibit, or a scrap of hand-woven fabric now have the potential to be turned into a piece of art."

Have a travel souvenir or treasured item worthy of putting on display? We'd love to help! Three-dimensional objects can be framed up to 40x60 inches with a variety of matting options. Get started here. And if you're not sure if we can frame it, ask us.

Custom framed vintage scarves in our White Gallery Frames. Photo by Morgan Rachel Levy.

A Banjara textile in our Vintage Gold Heritage Frame.

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