Simply Framed Gift Guide

In a world of quick convenience and passing trends, nothing says “gift from the heart” like timeless and personal custom framed art. It’s both beautiful and functional, and the options are seemingly endless. Here are five unique, custom framed gift ideas we’re loving this year.

For the bibliophile
For the concert-goer
For the sports fan
For the fashionista
For the globetrotter

Note: Our deadline for custom framing textiles, sewing projects, and Max Plexibox orders for guaranteed arrival by December 25 is November 18, so plan accordingly!

For the bibliophile

Know someone who’s always got their nose in a book? Adding to their personal library might feel a bit risky (what if they’ve already read it?!) but they’re sure to love a gift that celebrates their bookish side without taking up valuable space on their shelves.

Any bookworm would love to receive one of Jane Mount’s Ideal Bookshelf prints. From Classic Novels to Science Fiction to books on Writing itself, there’s a category for everyone—and if none of those work, Jane also takes custom orders! Best of all, she’s one of our Simply Framed Trade partners, so you can order her artwork custom framed by us directly from her site.

simply framed gift guide Jane Mount ideal bookshelfA custom framed Ideal Bookshelf by Jane Mount in our White Gallery Frame.

Looking for something more literal? A small book fits beautifully in one of our Max Plexibox frames.

simply framed Max Plexibox custom framed bookA vintage copy of Romeo and Juliet custom framed in a Clear Max Plexibox with Natural Linen.

For the concert-goer

For many of us, concert posters are the first pieces of art we collect and frame. They feature renowned artists at an affordable price point, and they can hold immense sentimental value. Show your loved one that you get them (and their taste in music) with a custom framed concert poster that resonates with you both.

simply framed custom framed poster the black keysThe Black Keys play to a packed bar cart in a beautiful Brooklyn home. Photo by Ira Yousey for Brooklyn Magazine; Natural Gallery Frame by us.

simply framed concert postersA row of concert posters custom framed in our Old School Metal Frames.

Live music not your giftee’s jam? A poster for a different type of event (a craft fair, art gallery opening, conference, whatever!) would work just as well.

For the sports fan

Got an athletics aficionado on your hands? Given them something to cheer for, even during the off season. An action-packed photograph, a team jersey, or a ticket stub from a big game would make a great custom framed gift that shows the sports fan in your life that you’re a fan of theirs.

custom framed pennant in simply framed Max PlexiboxOur custom sizing makes it easy to custom frame odd-shaped items, like pennants. This one belongs to Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan and is custom framed in his namesake Max Plexibox frame.

dolan geiman artwork custom framed by simply framedAnother idea to consider? Artwork depicting your fan's favorite sport, like this piece by Dolan Geiman in our Black Gallery Frame.

For the fashionista

Have we mentioned lately how much we love to custom frame textiles? Shirts, ties, dresses—if you wear it, we may just be able to custom frame it. This is a wonderful way to preserve vintage items, showcase pieces too precious to put on, or simply extend one’s personal style from wardrobe to wall. Don’t know where to start? A beautiful scarf is always a good choice.

simply framed custom framed vintage scarfWe love the way our minimalist Clear Max Plexibox with White Linen allows this colorful vintage scarf to shine.

simply framed custom framed baby clothesStylish new parents (or even your own parents!) might like a little fashion reminder of yesterday, in the form of custom framed baby clothes. Photo by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo.

For the globetrotter

Your loved one who loves to travel probably has plenty of airplane-ready accessories. However, if they’re rarely home, they may be lacking in home decor. Help solve that problem with a custom framed gift that gives them vacation vibes between flights.

You can’t go wrong with a custom framed photograph of a beautiful place. A large-scale fine art photograph will make a bold statement, but a custom framed Instagram photo can be equally impactful (and super easy to order via our Print & Frame service!)

simply framed ghost curatorial custom framed artTalk about a room with a view! Print by John Francis Peters via Ghost Curatorial in our Light Walnut Gallery Frame.

simply framed x parks project Joshua tree A custom framed travel poster or art print would also make a great gift for the jetsetter in your life. Parks Project offers a wide range; pictured here is Joshua Tree in our Natural Gallery Frame.

Head to to get started on your custom framed gifts—but not without first double-checking our 2019 holiday deadlines!

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