Meet the Max Plexibox!

Update 1/1/2023: Back by popular demand, our improved Plexibox frames are ready to personalize with your photos in our most popular formats here.

A classic, custom gallery frame will never go out of fashion. But some pieces of art—due to their size, shape or style—demand more. And that’s why we are so excited to introduce you to the Max Plexibox.

Our most glam frame collection to date was created in partnership with Apartment Therapy’s founder Maxwell Ryan, who has long been one of our go-to resources for design inspiration. When it comes to decorating the modern home, we trust Maxwell’s judgement like no one else’s. So we jumped at the chance to collaborate, and we’re pretty thrilled with the results.

custom framed art in max plexibox Your most precious pieces of art take centerstage in our new Max Plexibox collection, perfect for original pieces (this fun painting was created by Maxwell himself when he was just a tot!) and textiles. Additional artwork by Christopher David Ryan (floated in our Natural Gallery Frame) and Karina Bania.

simply framed max plexibox wallCustom-depth lucite easily accommodates texture and dimension, while linen backing and bronze screws add some serious style. This gallery wall features personal artworks and mementos, curated by Maxwell.

Our five-sided Lucite box frame showcases art with minimal distraction. It features subtle backing of White or Natural Linen and bronze screws on the sides that add the perfect hint of glamour. It can easily fit into nearly any decor, and is also a wonderful custom framing option for our pro clients.

Because of its custom depth, the Max Plexibox is especially ideal for framing textured and three-dimensional pieces—but really, as Maxwell himself says: “Anything can look great in the Max Plexibox.”

custom framed quilt in simply framed max plexiboxSimilar fabric, two ways: Natural Linen backing adds a touch of boho, while White Linen creates a more dramatic effect. Textile artwork by Carrie Strine.

We recently interviewed Maxwell to hear more about why he loves the Max Plexibox and believes it should be in everyone’s home.

Simply Framed: Tell us about the inspiration behind the Max Plexibox Collection. Why are you so excited about this launch?

Maxwell Ryan: A frame makes almost anything look beautiful, and the more personal things you have framed hanging on your walls, the more the space feels like home.

My go-to frame had always been a White Gallery Frame, but when Dara approached me to design a new plexibox frame with Simply Framed, I loved the idea. Our readers have increasingly been talking about plexi frames and their glam, retro feel. They sparkle like jewelry on a wall and show off art and objects with no frame distraction. So we worked through a number of sample plexibox frames until we hit on the Max Plexibox.

SF: What type of interior do you most see a Max Plexibox living in?

MR: I originally thought Max Plexibox would want to live in a glam, 70s room. I no longer think that. The frame can be loud or quiet, depending on what you put in it. I advise breaking up your wooden frames with one or two Max Plexiboxes in every home.

SF: What specific items do you think the Max Plexibox is most suited for framing?

MR: I think anything can look great in the Max Plexibox, but it’s nice to take advantage of its ability to feature flat objects and textiles that wouldn’t be able to be framed any other way.

vintage scarf custom framed in max plexiboxA gorgeous vintage scarf is given new life in our Max Plexibox frame, hung as part of a simple yet stunning gallery wall.

SF: What would you say to convince someone to give Max Plexibox a try over a more traditional hardwood frame?

MR: Try it, you’ll like it! Everyone here at the Apartment Therapy offices had differing opinions when the first Max Plexibox frames came in, but after living with them for a week and doing our photoshoot, everyone loved them and wanted one in their own home.

SF: Tell us about the gallery wall you designed with Max Plexibox. What were you going for? Are there any good stories behind the objects you chose to frame?

MR: Gallery walls are an easy way to make a big statement and create a cozy, homey vibe. I pulled a variety of personal items that ranged in size and shape to add interest. The huge map is of where my mother lives, and Babar is one of my favorite kids’ books. I also collect LIFE Magazines, and the Brooklyn flag is in honor of my current home.

maxwell ryan and max plexibox gallery wallWe're gonna have to agree with Maxwell Ryan here: Anything can look great in the Max Plexibox.

You probably want to start building your own Simply Framed Max Plexibox now, right? Well, you can! Get started here.

Update 1/1/2023: Back by popular demand, our improved Plexibox frames are ready to personalize with your photos in our most popular formats here.

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