Simply Framed in Werte Magazine

There's plenty to "ooohhh" and "aaahhh" over in Deutsche Bank's Werte magazine—but don't be fooled. The periodical's pretty pictures are punctuated with intriguing stories and in-depth profiles of thought leaders on the cutting edge of business, technology, and culture.

dara segal werte magazinePortrait of Dara by Morgan Rachel Levy.

So, needless to say, Simply Framed was thrilled to be shown alongside the best of the best when Werte featured our founder, Dara, in their most recent issue, which debuted at Frieze New York this month. (Deutsche Bank is a Global Lead Partner for the Art Fair).

In the piece, Dara shares business intel and recalls impactful learning experiences she had along the way. Bet you didn't know that her success selling water units helped give her the confidence to sell convenient, best-in-class frames to artists who need them. Read on for more!

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